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Important Information re your


ONLINE session

In your Booking Confirmation email, under the ‘Details’ section, is the Zoom Meeting link to join Azraella for your session.

Read all of the below to ensure your session flows with grace, and that you are aware of the troubleshooting tips.

NOTE: You do not need to create a Zoom account to use Zoom, but you may need to install the basic software to be able to join Azraella if you have not used Zoom before. (More on this below).

Be online at least 10 minutes early to:

 * ensure you have plenty of time to manage any unexpected internet, computer, device or application issues.
* have your preferred device ready to audio record your session.
Audio recording only of sessions permitted; not video.
Note that a smartphone can not conduct the session and record simultaneously; you will need a separate device to record.

The Zoom Meeting link,

will look like the following example under ‘Details’ in your email:

A meeting has been set up for your booking:
PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Click the link that looks like the above to join your session, and follow any prompts to install the Zoom software onto your device if you have not used Zoom before.

Another easy way to join your Zoom session

– Visit the Zoom website
– click on ‘Join a Meeting’ in the top right hand corner
– enter the Zoom Meeting ID to join your session.
(The Meeting ID is the series of numbers at the end of your Zoom Meeting link):

Accessing Zoom via different Devices

If you wish to receive your session via phone or tablet, rather than computer, download the Zoom App via your favourite app store, and:
– open the app,
– tap ‘Join a Meeting’
– enter the Meeting ID to join your session.
(The Meeting ID is the series of numbers at the end of your Zoom Meeting link):

Zoom Tutorials & Troubleshooting

If you have joined the meeting early before Azraella (the host) has joined, you will see similar to the following. This means you are in the meeting ‘room’ and simply need to wait, as Azraella will be with you shortly.

If you have been online for a few minutes and your session should have technically started with Azraella, close or leave the meeting, refresh your internet browser or exit your app, then launch your Zoom Meeting again as per the steps offered above.

Test Zoom (and your audio & video) in a test meeting on your computer if you’ve never used Zoom before.

Watch this Video to see how Zoom works on a computer.

Ensure your audio and video work by watching this Video.

If experiencing any difficulty visit Zoom Support.


IN-PERSON session

ADD this ADDRESS to your calendar booking:

Suite 206 / 658 Pittwater Road
Brookvale NSW 2100
(Be Still & Chill Wellness Centre –
on the corner of Pittwater Rd & Sydenham Rd)

Please – double check your GPS recognises the correct ‘Pittwater Road’, (corner of Sydenham Road, Brookvale, NSW 2100), so you arrive in Brookvale and not another suburb.

Public Transport

Install your favourite travel app to plan your trip, or go here.


There is unmetered parking available on both Pittwater and Sydenham Roads.

There is a one hour time restriction on both roads during standard business hours on weekdays and on Saturdays until 12.30pm, then it becomes unrestricted.

If your appointment is an hour or longer with Azraella on a Saturday morning, you can park further down Sydenham Road, near the roundabout, where parking from this point is unlimited all day, every day.
(Check street signs carefully).

You then walk back up towards Pittwater Road to see Azraella following the directions below.

DIRECTIONS once arrived at destination:

NOTE: You can not access the premises from Pittwater Road –
you must be on Sydenham Road to access the building.

Access to the building is just around the corner from Pittwater Road, on Sydenham Road.

The entrance is on the left hand side of Sydenham Road,
(when your back is facing Pittwater Rd).

The entrance has ‘Marvic House’ written on the silver framed glass door.
(The green ‘Be Still & Chill’ sign is above on the verandah roof.)

Walk up to the top floor & have a seat at reception in ‘Be Still & Chill’, as Azraella will come & get you.

If the door to reception is locked, simply wait as Azraella will arrive momentarily.

Having trouble finding Azraella?

1. Firstly – slow down – breathe – and read the directions carefully.
(Many people have found us easily over the years using the directions above.)

2. Search ‘Sydenham Road, Brookvale NSW 2100’ in your GPS to ensure you are in the right place.

3. Still stuck? Ask someone for directions or,

4. Direct Message Azraella +61 424 044 130.