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for your online attendance to ‘Activate your Higher Self Connection’



Thank You for registering to ‘Activate your Higher Self Connection!

Your payment has been processed.

A receipt of your purchase has been emailed to you, along with your booking confirmation.

The Zoom meeting link to join Azraella live is included in your Booking Confirmation. If you do not receive this, please contact Azraella.



How to join Azraella in Zoom

1: It is recommended to use your Computer or Tablet/iPad,

rather than join the online course via your phone.

If you join via your phone, you may get interrupted with calls and messages, disrupting your healing/meditation experience.


2: Zoom Meeting Link

To join Azraella online, the Zoom meeting link is included in your email reminders, as well as in your original booking confirmation.

Click on this Zoom link to connect with Azraella live – you will need to enter the password, which for this event is:

(Add this password to your event in your calendar)

NOTE: You do not need to create a Zoom account to use Zoom, but you may need to install the app onto your computer/tablet if you have not used Zoom before.

See how easy it is to join a Zoom meeting by watching this video.

Test Zoom (and your audio & video) in a test meeting on your computer/tablet if you’ve never used Zoom before. 


3: Please get online/join Azraella at least 10 minutes prior to the start time, to

 ensure you have plenty of time to manage any unexpected internet, computer, device or application issues, as Azraella will need to commence on time.


4: Zoom Troubleshooting

If experiencing any difficulty visit Zoom Support.

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