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Ten of Wands – Upright: Too much Giving & Doing

“Oh no, look what has happened here;

we have taken on more than we could have possibly imagined.

And now there is simply too much;

too much to do, too much to accept; it’s all simply too much.

What can we do with all of these things that we have to do?

What shall we do with all of this stuff…so much stuff, so much action?

And we have very little energy left to do it.

As up until now we have been working hard;

working so very, very, very, very hard to make all of this happen.

And now we’ve reached a point where we cannot do it this way anymore.

That we cannot move forward like this…it’s just simply too much;

too much to hold for one Being.

And therefore, this Being in this card needs to let go,


take time out,

offer some of the workload, or give some of the workload to others, or another to be able to reclaim their energy, their power back.

When they reclaim their energy and power back, they will be able to begin again,

and until this is done, they will continue to move around and around in circles, until a rock bottom has occurred;

until they reach rock bottom, which they have virtually reached now.

One way or another, the spiraling of ‘out of control energy’ will cease, will stop;

but will it be on your terms, or at the terms of the Universe, God Source?

Do you wish to be in control of the change more in a loving gentle way,

or are you simply allowing yourself to be forced into change by the Universe;

being forced to drop a ‘Wand’, a task or a project, or several projects so that you can reclaim your energy, your power back to begin again in a higher way.

For when the 10 of Wands card comes up, we have had the approach of ‘go faster and faster and faster, until all the work is done’;

and this has not really served us as an Individual.

It may have served others but not necessarily our Being;

and is this what we want moving forward?

Where we give, and give, and give, and give,

and do, and do, and do, and do, and get very little in return?

Are you prepared to stop giving and doing so much now,

so that you may be able to,

rest receive – rest receive – rest receive – rest receive?

It is your choice.

It is up to you to let go and receive,

let go and regenerate;

let go and be.

Only you can make that decision.

For if you do not make that decision, something may occur that may be even bigger, even larger to deal with than this seemingly impossible to do list.

We invite you to consider this now:

What have you been doing up until now, where you

give, give, give,

do, do, do,

rush, rush, rush,

push, push, push,

where you personally,

you personally do not actually move that far forward yourself?

Maybe others do. Maybe your job does, your role at work does. Maybe other projects move forward,

but what does it do for YOU?

If it is not really serving you it is time to embrace a change.

Let go, heal, surrender, move on, embrace the new, and take a higher approach with life to embrace everything you wish to receive in your life with grace and ease, from another perspective.

An emotionally, spiritually, fulfilling perspective.

Doing it all with grace and ease, with patience, one day at a time.

Let go of the Wands they say, let go of the task that no longer serves you to behave, run around, perform in this way.

It no longer serves to take the world on your shoulders, all of the burdens;

it no longer serves to be burdened in this way.

Blessed Be your Healing. Blessed Be your Regeneration.

Blessed Be your Path moving forward if you choose to let go,

align your Will with Divine Will,

come into the Oneness and begin a healthy new chapter again.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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