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Seven of Pentacles – Upright: Your money making skills are about to growing exponentially now

“With excitement, this gentleman in the Seven of Pentacles tarot card has done well;

has grown a tree bearing fruit,

and there is much money, much success to be had at this stage.

They have worked hard, they have saved, they have prepared, they are utilising their money, their finances well,

and they are preparing to grow for the next step,

to find the strength within themselves to know,

‘What is the highest step next to do with our money, with our venture or ventures moving forward?

What else is it that I need to do to learn or master money in a higher way to continue growing this money tree?

Is it advice I am needing, from potentially other advisors such as financial ones?

Is it Divine Guidance I’m needing to receive to know what is the highest to do with this financial gain I have achieved?

What is the highest to do to continue growing the money tree?’

And in doing this and connecting to this energy, we share with you that this is a job well done,

growing this money tree to this size.

That all goals are being achieved gracefully.

We are not giving up.

We are in the process of growing and growing and growing exponentially,

if we embrace our power, our strength.

When we embrace our strength at this level, move into our strength,

our Highest Potential can be achieved.

We can achieve so much more success but only if we Will this.

Only if we Will this, if we want this can this success be achieved.

Do we really want this?

Is this the highest for us?

For some Beings are simply happy to settle for this money tree, the size of this money tree.

They are happy with this and they don’t want much more change.

Yet some Being’s desire moving from the seven, all the way through to the ten, to the Ten of Pentacles where there is the ultimate success.

The success of the seven is of great achievement. It is a great achievement.

It is a success that one can pat themselves on the back for.

Yet it is simply up to the Will of the individual if they choose to go further or higher to the Eight, to the Nine and the Ten.

There is no judgment on this whether the Will chooses to do this;

and there is no judgment on this from Spirit, from the Divine,

to align to Divine Will to grow to the Highest Level of Potential,

or to simply be at this level.

To say, ‘This is enough success for now.’, and to leave it there.

We acknowledge that the Being in this card has done great, has achieved great achievement,

and that the Being in this card deserves all the accolades, all the honouring that they deserve, that they can receive.

But it is up to them now if they wish to move forward.

No-one can make this happen but them.

This is their role to decide,

‘What is the highest way to move forward to make more money, more projects, more fulfillment, more grace, more ease in my life?

What is the highest to achieve here?’

We give thanks, we give thanks, we give thanks and bless all the little money trees being created on Earth by all the individual Beings here.

May each Beings money tree be blessed.

May each Beings money tree be blessed.

May your income, your revenue, your Source of Abundance on whatever level that may be,

may it be blessed, truly blessed as it be God’s Will.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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