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Queen of Wands – Upright: An Empowered, Passionate & Successful Woman

“The Queen of Wands is a powerful woman in charge of her reality,

in charge of her energy, her power,

and is focused, is disciplined,

and is a great project manager or oversoul to a project or a team that needs this kind of support.

The Queen of Wands has worked hard and diligently to get where she is today.

She is a very passionate being;

very passionate about that which she dedicates herself to.

She is very passionate about the well being of others as well as herself,

and definitely gets the job done.

She is a wayshower,

shows the way on how things can be done, can be made possible should one put one’s will, one’s heart and mind into a project, an idea.

And she is not afraid.

She knows that in divine truth, her passion, her power, her dedication, her commitment, her gut knowing, her highest way of seeing moving forward is going to get the job done for herself for everyone.

And as there is no fear.

She is able to lift, raise others up to also see their higher potential, to also see the highest potential outcome.

She can raise others up with her enthusiasm, with her passion.

She can inspire others,

help them reach their highest potential,

their power, their truth just as she has already done and continues to do, as their own personal growth takes place.

As she grows, she ensures others around her grow on some level,

and all grow together with love, compassion, and divine truth.

The Queen of Wands knows that when you slow down and embrace your power,

and just listen,

just a little,

you remain grounded and connected to your truth,

to the Earth.

And all your passion, all your fire energy,

your energy levels that you hold,

your power that you hold,

remains stable, solid,

built on rock not sand,

holds you deeply in your power,

builds your confidence,

helps you to embrace different projects, different tasks, different things moving forward.

The Queen of Wands is in her power.

She feels completely fulfilled.

She is at One with herself,

with all around her;

and she has no interest in apologising or making excuses for who she is and how she operates;

for her self love,

her contentment in self is full, is healthy, is well balanced, is not egocentric.

It simply is.

She is simply in her power, in her truth.

A very dedicated loyal subject to anyone she chooses to align with,

and will become to the best of her ability, to be the best in her work and her project, and in her outcomes;

for this is always the goal of the Queen of Wands is success, to have success. To be successful.

They enjoy money; they love the grace it brings into your life, the harmony it can bring into your life.

They enjoy the thrills of success.

But they also enjoy inner happiness and the happiness of those around them. That this is also a priority.

As within, so without – they understand this. They have learnt this over their journey.

This is how they embrace their power divinely;

‘As within, so without.

The more I care for self, the more I am able to care for others,

and the more success we shall all hold together as one.’

This is the aim of the Queen of Wands energy;

for all to have success or be fulfilled, or be passionate and compassionate, or to have success.

And if it’s God’s Will, all to be wealthy beyond measure for our dreams and goals being achieved.

Blessed Be your dreams, your passion, your compassion.

Blessed Be your fiery nature that has learned over time to be harnessed, to be grounded, to be balanced.

Blessed Be all your dreams with all your power, strength and confidence.

Blessed Be your path of creation, your creative nature here with all your creation fire.

May your creation fire be used wisely, embrace it wisely. Harness it, contain it with love and channel it forth right into the highest of projects for you.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be all your highest potential path and your projects.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be your highest path of creation.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be your highest path of potential.

Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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