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Page of Pentacles – Upright: A New Beginning, with a Financial commitment or investment

“In this tarot card is a beautiful little boy with his eyes and his heart of innocence – holding, staring into a beautiful gold coin, a Pentacle.

The Pentacle that he holds for a new beginning, a new start, a new commitment, a new way forward.

This more likely is about a financial investment in something, whether this be study, or a new beginning, even in business – the baby or beginning phase of the birth of a business or even a business idea.

That this Pentacle, this coin will be used wisely, soundly, steadily, to slowly deeply profoundly build ‘a house on rock, not sand.’

This is the beginning of building a foundation, an earthly foundation in the Earthly world, on the Earthly Plane; building this foundation for a new beginning, a new idea.

As one invests in Oneself or in an idea, a project, this can be watered, fertilised and this new beginning over time can begin to grow rapidly, move forward through the Knight of Pentacles to the King of Pentacles;

become eventually a fully fledged grown business or project idea that can be large, profound and at the King, or the top of its game, of its industry possibly, of its Highest Potential – whatever the highest potential may be.

But to get to the King level one must begin as the Page – the beginning – holding that coin, holding that investment;

treasuring it and loving it, yet not controlling it, being possessive of it, but being grateful for it.

Being grateful that we have this precious coin, this Pentacle to invest, to birth something, a project, a business, an idea, to begin something new.

And that this can be grounded on the physical plane. It can be a manifestation on the physical plane.

That if you choose with your time, your money, your investments to grow them wisely, strongly but steadfastly, the rewards of the Knight and the King await you.

To embrace your power with love, grace and ease in this way, to build strongly, steadily with patience and discipline are the rewards awaiting for you to reach the King, the mastery level of your business, your project ideas and beyond.

If you are ready to invest in Self, in a business, in a new idea, a new project, always embrace patience, steadfastness, discipline and be in no hurry.

Simply walk with love, grace and ease, honouring the journey. That the journey is as important as the goal, and that there is plenty of time.

There is plenty of time to achieve wholistically everything you choose to manifest co-create here with God Goddess, with Universe, with Source.

That if you embrace with your heart opening to this idea, this birthing of a creation, and you allow every aspect to be cared and nurtured for, as in the material, the mental, the emotional and spiritual;

if we embrace all of these over a project creation, the far greater outcome long term, the wholistic outcome long term will be far greater, far more possible than one could realise.

It will be such a wholistic blessing, a wholistic birthing and will be worth the wait;

the patience, the discipline and the listening to your Higher Connection, to your Divine Guidance, your Higher Self Connection will be worth the wait as many more areas in your life will be touched and blessed, than perhaps you could have thought possible before.

So when one invests wisely in their project, in their business, in themselves, it is wise also to look at not only the material but the emotional, mental, spiritual, and any other aspect of your consciousness, to look at all of these;

to birth all of these in union, with grace with one another so the wholistic outcome of the project, of the idea births with grace.

Blessed be all your creations, all your co-creations, all your dreams, all your investments, all your discipline, all your learning, all your study, all your Spiritual Connection.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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