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Nine of Cups – Upright: Emotional & Spiritual Fulfilment

“This Being sits on a platform, on a bench feeling proud, happy and honouring most deeply one’s achievements.

How far this Being has come from beginning to almost the end, where they have achieved certain goals, targets – and yet they know that there’s just a little more to go;

a little bit more before complete fulfilment – for the completion of the project(s) to take place, these various goals, targets, aims, this Being has had in their life up until now.

For when you achieve each goal, a beautiful higher part of your consciousness is able to ground down through and within you, supporting your next initiation, the next target, the next goal to grow with love, power, grace and ease.

And it is important to honour that each target, each goal supports the next; is the foundation building for the next;

and that as we pile upon each of the goals, targets being achieved – more light, more love, more power pulsates, emanates through and out of your Being, to support the next goal, the next target to birth.

As you achieve your goals, your targets in life, do you celebrate?

Do you honour each one you achieve?

Do you allow the platform of this one that has just been achieved to be the strong foundation for the next target, the next goal?

Or do you simply flounder about, believing the Universe will just take care of it all?

Do you build a castle upon sand or rock now – multi-dimensional sand or rock?

Are you achieving goals that are emotionally, mentally and spiritually fulfilling?

Or are you simply moving from place to place, hoping things will get better.

How do you build your targets? How do you build your goals?

And do you ensure each one of the targets – or Cups in the case of this tarot card – do you ensure each Cup that you can drink from and feel fulfilled from, is placing you on the path of Highest Potential?

Is this building the highest potential outcome for your aims, for your targets, for your goals?

If you are doing this, you will feel as happy and as satisfied as the Being in this card. They are sitting there, honouring all they’ve achieved. They’ve listened to their heart guidance, to their Higher Guidance.

They have set aside at times personal preferences to achieve that which will truly liberate them, and in doing this, they have achieved a far higher outcome, a far higher path of potential for themselves than they could have possibly imagined.

Hence all the yellow, all the prosperity in this card. They have so much prosperity in their life; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and possibly financially if this was a goal or a target for them.

Let’s honour now all you have achieved in your life up until now, and if you have not felt happy or satisfied with this, it’s time to go within, return to the beginning of the Ace of Cups;

where we go within, listen to our Higher Guidance, receive divine inspiration, divine messages, divine guidance to help us build our path of personal fulfilment.

If we do not feel personally fulfilled in every area of our life, we begin again. We go within and begin again.

What is it that I am needing to honour, let go of to achieve all I wish to achieve in my life?

And then you can take the next step of moving to the Two of Cups to make a decision, and so forth, and continue on until you achieve Nine of Cups – happiness, and then Ten of Cups – completion.

Blessed Be all your ventures. May they all be emotionally, mentally, spiritually fulfilling, as well as fulfilling on the material, physical plane of all your material, physical needs.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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