In Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles, Tarot Card Meanings

Four of Pentacles – Upright: Consolidation of Energy and/or Finance

“In this card a Being that is gathering strength and power.

They have been gathering it for a little while now.

They are harnessing it, consolidating it, grounding it,

so they build a house on rock, not sand.

They are generating a lot of power, a lot of interest, a lot of passion in their venture,

and they wish to grow this money, this foundation that they have built to an exponential level; to a powerful level.

But to do this they need to sit and honour, consolidate their dreams, desires, their energy, their power, their money,

to work out, receive the highest way to move forward with their money. The highest way to move forward with their ventures.

What is the highest way to build an empire from this position?

What is the highest way to embrace our abundance, finance, resource mastery and build the highest potential outcome for this project or projects at this time?

How do I build my faith, my power, my strength and apply this, use this similar, same energy to build the finance, resource, abundance?

How do I embrace change to move forward with this finance, resource, abundance in this way?

How can I build this house on rock, not sand?

So it is simply a time of a little bit of reflection, a little bit of honouring, a little bit of acknowledging that there has been a small harvest to date,

and now you’re simply in a slight reprieve,

consolidating your energy, your money, your ventures, and that it’s okay to take a small mini pause here to do this,

so that the foundation of that which you are building is strong on many levels in its power and in its abundance.

And when you receive the next steps for moving forward, you can embrace the change you will need to embrace,

to move away from this way, this path of how you have achieved the success, this abundance up until now,

and can move this into a higher way now.

We are moving out of the old original way of building the path of abundance, finance, resource, our company, our business, our ventures,

and we are moving into a new way, a higher way to complete the next few steps of this project, this chapter, this initiation.

We need to be willing to change.

We must change, for change is constant on this plane, on the Earth.

If we are willing to embrace change, a higher more successful outcome will occur.

Yet if we do not change our pattern of behaviour and our steps moving forward, the positive change may not occur.

We will simply go round and round in circles, may stagnate, get stuck, feel blocked, not creative, not really making much more money if any, and possibly even losing money.

We may simply go round in circles, doing okay but not getting very far, or not even doing okay, not getting very far.

So this is the chapter where we rest. We receive. We acknowledge the abundance. We give thanks for all we have built, and we prepare for change,

a slight change in our approach to business, money, consolidating our energy, our approach, moving forward in life.

May your success with your foundation that you have built., may you acknowledge and receive the blessings of all you have achieved,

and may you also be willing to align your Will with Divine Will and embrace the change that is about to be presented before you, for the most magnificent long term successful outcome, in Highest Divine Order for your Being.

Blessed Be your ventures, your business, your money, your path,

and Blessed Be your Will aligning with Divine Will to,

change and grow, change and grow, change and grow in Highest Divine Order for your Being.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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