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Five of Swords – Upright: Time for Conflict Resolution

The Divine Truth of the Five of Swords:

“With this card ‘upright’, we are in a process of letting go of conflict.

Perhaps on the inner, perhaps on the outer.

That there has been both an inner and outer conflict in truth.

For the outer conflict is always a reflection of inner conflict;

one’s inner thoughts and feelings;

how one has felt or thought – conflicting thoughts or feelings.

And these conflicting thoughts and feelings are not wrong;

are simply a guide of something that is not in alignment.

‘What is it within me that has been a little conflicted?

Has my heart and mind been on the same page, wanting the same things?

Or is my heart wanting one thing, and my mind wanting another?

Has there been a little frustration about this, and this has caused me to be frustrated, agitated, perhaps even angry,

and this has been mirrored back to me in my outer world, through my job, my family, my loved ones?

If I’ve had this inner conflict up until now, would I be willing to surrender the conflicted energy to Source?

Would I be willing to simply honour it for what it is,

energy that has been unsettled, that hasn’t felt that divine,

that is truly divine as it goes back to Source?’

Let’s contemplate this now as we embrace the Five of Swords energy;

that it’s an acknowledgement of conflict.

Simply an acknowledgement. Not making it wrong or right, but just observing it.

‘This conflict is here as a reflection of my inner conflict.

So where is it within me, that my heart and mind, my Soul and Spirit, has not been in alignment?

And am I willing to let go of that inner conflict, surrender it to Source, through sacred intention, prayer?’

That I just offer it up through sacred intentional prayer, that I choose to let go of this inner conflict.

And ask now for a beautiful alignment, a beautiful balance, a re-calibration, a blessing of your energy,

to realign, balance, ground; have you balanced between Heaven and Earth,

so that you may reverse the Five of Swords card.

When we reverse the Five of Swords card, we can move on to the Six;

the change has occurred.

The conflict is resolved and we can move towards the stability again.

We give thanks for this, for as you offer any conflict up within or without you,

as you give it to Source,

you can move on to stability, that supports you, your life, all that around you,

and even sometimes in larger circumstances, the Earth and all Beings.

We give thanks. We give thanks. We give thanks;

for the Five of Swords simply highlights that conflict is here, and that conflict can be acknowledged, can be honoured, can be let go of,

and that the time has come for this to be done, so that balance, stability and peace can come through.

Blessed Be.

Blessed Be all Beings. Blessed Be all Beings. Blessed Be all Beings with this Divine Truth.

Blessed Be.

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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