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Eight of Cups – Upright: Having the Emotional Strength & Empowerment to achieve your next Goal

“This is the path of Self Empowerment, of acknowledging that we have reached many goals, many targets,

and found much emotional, spiritual fulfillment from these,

yet it is the time to move forward on to the next Cup, on to the next goal.

And that this next Cup, this next goal shall bring the highest form of emotional healing, spiritual fulfilment for your Being.

And that the journey for the Soul looking for their Ninth Cup,

their emotionally fulfilling, spiritually fulfilling Cup,

involves perhaps climbing over mountains, walking through rivers and ravines;

it could be a journey for them.

And they are strong, they are empowered, they are ready for the journey,

because of all the goals, all the emotionally fulfilling, spiritually fulfilling goals they’ve achieved up until now.

They are ready, they are strong they have built character, they have built inner strength.

They have met things deeply.

They have liberated themselves of all things that no longer serve and they have come to a place of empowerment,

where there is love, there is joy, and there is strength.

There is Spiritual Power supporting them to grow in the highest way to meet their Ninth Cup. Their ninth goal.

And we say to thee, those of you who are reading now that in Divine Timing, as you grow your spiritual strength,

as you grow your heart energy, as you make your own form of Divine Connection,

you too shall have the strength, this empowerment, this inner search for a greater quality of life for reaching a higher goal, a higher target;

and that you will have more than enough Energy, Time, Strength within to be able to achieve this.

And so we say to you now, we say to thee,

‘Are you ready? Are you willing to take this step for your own Empowerment to reach,

the highest level of highest potentials, by going over the mountains, through the ravines;

whatever it takes, with grace and ease to achieve your goal, your target?’

If inside of your heart it says a clear ‘YES’ to you,

a big ‘YES’ to you,

then you will be divinely held and supported to climb any mountain, walk through any ravine,

to reach your goal, your target.

With this we Honour and Bless you.

May you receive all that you wish to receive in this lifetime,

and reach all goals, all targets with ease.

Blessed Be those that are willing to be Brave, Strong and Empowered,

to reach their Highest Potential.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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