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Devil Card – Upright: Mental Body Illusions

“This card is full of illusion;

the illusion we are bound and trapped,

when in Divine Truth we are not bound or trapped.

There is an illusion here that possibly we belong to another,

are bound to another,

that possibly we are stuck on our path with a project, with a task;

that possibly our mind sees no way out of a situation;

that possibly our mind is just playing devil’s advocate,

seeing the worst within every situation, every possibility, that there is no way out. No way to move forward.

When in Divine Truth there always is.

Always is a way out.

Always is a way to move forward.

Yet sometimes it takes quite a bit of effort to release the shackles,

the chains of the mind.

To release the illusions we may have created in our mind,

to release the falsehoods that seem like truth.

For the falsehoods are not Divine Truth.

Divine Truth always sees the highest way moving forward,

and it may take a little effort when this card arises for you.

It may take a little effort to break free of the chains that the mind may have placed upon you up until now.

To liberate oneself of the illusions means to let go of certain beliefs,

certain energies where we may have given our power away to another,

whether this be our partner, a colleague, a family member, anyone in our community.

Perhaps we’ve even just given our power to a part of our consciousness that likes to hide away,

play the actor of, ‘There’s no way out; it’s all hopeless.’

Play to the illusion of, ‘We can’t embrace change because supposedly it is scary. It is something we should not embrace.’

And we share with you all, all that may be receiving this message, this transmission,

that the mind, your beautiful mind simply needs love when these illusions arise.

When these illusions are made manifest, are highlighted to you, we need time out.

We need love, we need a break.

And yes, at times we may need to force or liberate ourself by bending our will deeply and going,

‘Okay Universe, I trust in the Divine to liberate myself of these chains, these mental chains. These thoughts of illusion I’ve carried up until now.

I choose to liberate myself of all that I may have bound myself with up until now.

I shall no longer allow my mind to play devil’s advocate, and I shall reclaim my power back from another, or from a project, a Being, a thing – whatever it may be,

I will reclaim it back; think and seek higher thoughts, higher thought forms to create a higher reality for myself,

so the illusions, the chains, the shackles dissolve, fall away, are transmuted.’

Our Empowerment returns.

There is a balance between the heart and the mind again, and we attract higher relationships in our life as a result.

When we are happier and balanced, and have Divine Union on the inner, this is reflected back to us on the outer,

and there are no illusions playing out, no fantasies, no devil’s advocate dreams, only Divine Truth.

Only Divine Truth and balance plays out when we are liberated of the thought forms, the shackles that may have held us back up until now.

May your mind, receive the love, the blessings it needs to receive now, to bring balance,

to bring Divine Union internally and to reclaim all of your power.

Throughout all time, space, dimension may you reclaim all of this power with grace and ease.

May you reclaim, reclaim, reclaim your power back from throughout all time, space, and dimension,

where this power – this energy – the thoughts that which are energy,

wherever they may have been created, or be placed now in any time, space, dimension,

may they be liberated, and may you reclaim your energy, your power now for Divine Union,

for strength, for change, loving change, a loving embracing change to move forward.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be your change and transformation.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be your change and transformation.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be the liberation of the old,

the embracing of the new, in your Divine Union with your Heart and your Mind,

your Feminine and Masculine, your Soul and Spirit, and with All around you.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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