Psychic Tarot Readings

with Azraella Raphael,
Psychic Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

“Most people experience difficulty with at least one area of their life; so we offer Psychic Tarot Readings to help you clarify what your issue is and give you practical steps on how to move forward, so you can feel fulfilled and inspired in life again.”

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Booking a channelled Psychic Tarot Reading with Azraella means that your questions about your life will be answered to support your concerns with work, abundance (finance), love, family, health and beyond, whilst also honouring that there may be a higher path, or higher steps for you to take for all to align in your life; for all to be harmonious.

We recommend you come with an open heart, an open mind, receive guidance on all areas of your life that are important to you as you ask your questions, and also be willing to receive Spiritual Counsel on how you may make your incredible life here on Earth even more incredible, as your free will aligns with Divine Will.

Bookings are essential and are made online via this website. You may choose to receive your session either online/phone or in-person.
Wish to book a session for you and a friend? Then book a package session.

Online/Phone Readings are conducted via Zoom, where a link is emailed to you at the time of booking. You then click this link to enter your meeting/session with Azraella at the appointed time. (For phone sessions, use the ONLINE booking option and check the ‘phone’ box for Azraella to call you.) It’s that easy!

In-Person Readings are conducted in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Address and parking instructions etc are provided to you in your booking confirmation email.

What is the difference between Online (long distance) or In-Person sessions? In short – none. See our FAQ’s where we answer this question and others in more detail.

Booking with Azraella means that you agree and will adhere to her Terms and Conditions, as she honours her Privacy Policy with you.

Book an Online/Phone or In-Person Psychic Tarot Reading.

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It depends on how many questions you have; how many loved ones or people you know that you also wish to ask about; or if there is a lot going on in your life right now.

The session lengths offered are:

30 Minute Reading – $90.00
Good for a quick check in. Gives you time to ask a couple of questions after the initial start of your reading where Spirit speaks, to sooth your heart and mind. (If you wish to also ask about other people, such as your children, a partner etc, you will need more time – 45 minutes minimum is recommended for this).

45 Minute Reading – $130.00
Allows extra time to expand on things if your reading reveals information you weren’t expecting, or if you would also like to ask about one or two loved ones.

60 Minute Reading – $170.00
Plenty of room to ask a lot of questions. Great for complicated situations and for assistance in major business decisions, or if you have a few family members or loved ones on your mind that you would like to ask about.

Book an Online/Phone or In-Person appointment.

There is no difference – apart from the fact that in the Online session you are in your own space receiving from Azraella via your preferred device, and with the In-Person session you are in the same room as her.

Being in another room or in the same room as Azraella for your session does not affect the energy or information being received for you. The Unified Field (Divine Matrix, Quantum Field) that connects everything to everything, including you to Azraella, is everywhere. It is through this field that we connect, information is received and passed on through. You could receive a reading while you are on the moon and the reading itself would not be affected by this, due to this Divine Field of Light.

We have many clients that choose to receive an online session from us that live in the same city as Azraella, simply due to time constraints, or they do not wish to deal with traffic or with traveling by public transport a certain distance.

Other clients love to receive in-person as they prefer to look at the tarot cards, shuffle them and even select them. (In an Online session you are looking or listening to Azraella on your screen, as she shuffles and selects the cards on your behalf. Periodically through the reading she will show you certain cards to highlight certain points.)

Energy is just energy. The tarot is an expression of energy, as are you. Energy/the tarot does not judge, take sides or lie. It simply expresses itself in its pure divine form, whether that be a graceful energy or a not so graceful one. Neither energy is right or wrong; it just is.

If you are time poor, don’t like to travel/drive that much, have no attachment to whether you see or touch the tarot cards, or whether you live interstate or internationally from Azraella, then an Online session is for you.

If you prefer an In-Person session because you like to touch the tarot cards & view them yourself, appreciate the aesthetics of being in the same room as Azraella, have plenty of time and can to travel to her easily, or its simply an opportunity to get out of the house, then an In-Person session is for you.

Yes! Audio recordings of your session with Azraella are welcome, video recordings are not.

You can record your session on your smartphone. If you do not know how to do this on an iPhone or Samsung, then Azraella can show or guide you on how to do it – it’s easy!

If you have an alternative smartphone or audio recorder, you will need to know how to set it up to record yourself.

Azraella does not record the session for you on your behalf; you bring your recording equipment with you, which is so easy these days with smartphones!

Yes! Both you can a friend may come together for a psychic tarot reading. Choose whether you wish to receive a 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute session each by booking via our package page.

Note that Azraella does not offer group or package sessions for more than two people at a time.

Yes you can! You can choose whether to receive a 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute Psychic Tarot Reading with a 75 minute Angelic Healing. Book your reading & healing package.

Note that you can only book a Psychic Tarot Reading with an Angelic Healing session. The Pearls of Divine Wisdom, Akashic Record & Happy Heart healings are stand alone sessions, due to the nature of how each of these sessions are conducted and their purpose.

The Psychic Tarot Readings are a combination of using my Channeling Gifts (Psychic Ability), with the Waite-Smith Tarot Cards.

After the cards have been shuffled, we begin with a ‘General Layout’ of the cards. We then read/channel what Spirit shares is the highest for you to know right now about certain areas of yourself and your life.

For example, we may start with the topic that was the primary reason you booked your reading for. Or, we may start talking about a different area of your life that Spirit shares is important for you to hear about first. If the latter, it is always connected with the primary reason of why you booked your reading, and this will made clear to you over the course of your session of how these ‘dots’ connect.

Spirit (your Master Guides, your Higher Self and our Enlightened Spiritual teams supporting us with your reading) always see the overall Divine Plan of ALL in your Life, and how all these areas connect.

After our initial sharing at the beginning of your reading, we then commence into question time. Make a note of what you would like to ask Spirit about. We can always help you with the wording of your questions for Spirit during your session.

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Azraella’s highest role in her Psychic Tarot Readings is to ensure that you are on the path of, and reaching your, highest potential on Earth. In other words:

– Why did you come here; (what is your mission/purpose)?
– Who is the highest person to walk that path with (in sacred relationship, professional relationship etc)?
– What is the highest way for you to become financially free?
– What is your current life lesson (initiation) that you need to master to move forward right now?

These subject matters are usually addressed in your reading, especially if you are not presently walking your highest path of potential.

For example, life could be very challenging for you right now, especially in every area of your life. If so, this is a BIG sign that you are not on the path of your highest potential, and that you within and without need to make some changes. As you have free will, whichever path you choose to walk down is completely up to you – the same one you’ve been walking on or one that is more empowering.

There are multiple paths before you in any moment that you can choose from. But which one is the highest? Which one gives you the greatest fulfillment in all areas? Which one brings ease?

Are you happy with the average/typical path that will give you average/typical outcomes in life? Or do you wish to aim for the highest of outcomes, the highest potential growth in all areas of your life and live one with exceptional outcomes instead that are far from the norm? The choice is always yours.

If so, either decision or path is perfect and in divine order for you; for you have the divine right with your free will to choose which path to walk upon. No path is greater or lesser; one is simply a more common path the collective of humanity typically walks down; the other not so.

This is how we offer our Psychic Tarot Readings, with potentials that you may or may not reach, based on your choices, actions (or lack there of), your willingness to always grow and change and your decision on whether average or beyond is your target in life.

There are certain things in life that are key pivotal moments for you to meet this lifetime. Some people call this destiny, fate or your spiritual contract here. So yes, these moments are shared with you if Spirit gifts you the information through Azraella to know about this in advance. This occurs because Spirit is receiving from Source, Universe, All That Is and your Divine Presence (your ‘God like’ Self) that this is the divine moment in time for you to be made aware of this information, to help you build your path with the highest potential outcome in mind.

Yet there is so much in between that you are more in control of than perhaps you realise. Will you steer or will you follow? All is in Divine Order. All is your divine right to choose. Spiritual counsel is given; still at the end of the day it all comes down to you.

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The short answer is yes. Azraella receives information from Spirit in various forms:

– Through Seership (Clairvoyance): Spirit shows Azraella through her third eye what is the highest for her to share with you in the reading. This occurs in two ways: through inner vision, and also as Spirit pulses her eyes to look at certain imagery in the tarot cards to share key messages about yourself or your life on your topic in question.

– Through Channelling: As Azraella is a Multi-Dimensional Channel, she is pulsed with energy packages of information to share about you and your life. The energy packages contain wisdom about your highest potential in your subject matter in question. This occurs simultaneously with reading the tarot cards.

– Through Clairaudience: Spirit will also play or speak sound with her. Eg: Spirit simply speaks what they wish for Azraella to pass on to you, or the sound could be a type of music that is relevant to your subject matter (if you are asking about your music career for example).

In other words, however the highest way is for certain information to come through is what occurs. No technique is better or higher than the other. All are in Divine Order for what is needed in the moment.

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Azraella uses the card deck created by Arthur Waite & Pamela Colman Smith, and her favourite pack to use (as there are so many different versions) is the ‘Tarot of A.E. Waite’, published by AGMüller Urania & Koenigsfurt-Urania Verlag GmbH.

Book an Online or In-Person appointment.

Book an Online/Phone or In-Person Psychic Tarot Reading.


  • Your readings have brought forth such peace, such insight and such strength in my life. I appreciate the spiritual domain you make available and accessible in my life. I am aware that I am responsible for the creation of my future and I come to you as an ally of my highest possible self choices. Your readings have empowered me more than I can say. How can I express in words the difference you have made in my life except to say that you really have! Peace and love to you Azraella!

  • Thank you Azraella for such caring and insightful, supportive feedback and advice. I've used Azraella's services at various times and when I've been at crossroads in my life over a number of years. I've found the sessions invaluable. She intuitively nails it every time and I always walk away feeling reassured and armed with greater understanding and clarity to deal the present circumstances. I highly recommend a session with her.

  • Thank you again and see you next time! As always you are my one and favourite reader for big crossroads and other. Can't imagine calling anyone else.