Pearls of Divine Wisdom

Energy Healing Session
with Azraella Raphael,
Psychic Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

Activate your Highest Path of Potential in our Pearls of Divine Wisdom session, with the Angels & Archangels


Purpose of the Pearls of Divine Wisdom healing session

* to activate your Higher Consciousness, so it may connect with your Soul and guide you with your Life Mastery on Earth.

* to connect you to your Master Guides (who hold the same kind of mastery as you), so they can support you more deeply with your Higher Self connection and your Life Mastery skills.

* to activate your spiritual connection to the Master Divine Plan of your Life with your Golden Book of Divine Truth, so that you can bring through your own wisdom and healing/teaching work with grace.

This session is for Lightworkers or Spiritual High Initiates that wish to either activate or deepen their connection to their Highest Path of Potential as a Service Worker/Lightworker here.
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If you wish to receive a simple energy healing to lift worries, burdens or pain away, or to heal relationship issues etc, then we recommend booking an Angelic Healing session instead.


Divine Transmission,
about ‘The Pearls of Divine Wisdom’ session

“This Divine Angelic Healing system is designed to align your Being and consciousness to your Highest Path of Potential. That you are here for a very sacred purpose, and that sometimes there may be a certain level of karma one is needing to move through to activate that Divine Purpose here on Earth.

If one is willing to open their consciousness to the Divine Plan of their Life, they will then be willing to receive the divine assistance needed to activate their life path, and to offer up their karmic obstacles, so the path ahead can be light and clear.

Should one feel guided to receive this work, you will work with a large legion of Angels, who hold a specific level of mastery in this type of healing. They are specialists in activating the Sacred Code within, to support your Soul to connect to your Mastery here, and to begin the path of the Sacred Healer or Teacher that you are born here to be.

When one opens to the Divine Plan in this way, many gifts and dispensations are brought through to you, to activate your chakras, your gifts and the path ahead of you, so that you can make the highest impact on this Earth with your Mastery.

To receive this session, one must be willing to go deep within your heart, forgive all that has occurred previously with your mission in other lifetimes or dimensions, and be willing to accept the hand of God/dess again, to work in mission contract with the Divine Plan within God’s heart.

When one is willing to do this, all areas of your life shall open up for you; much bliss and abundance ensues as the Divine Plan unfolds itself within your life.

To begin your Sacred Mastery here, you can book a session with Azraella Raphael, who has become over time the Master Healer Activator within her consciousness to be able to pass this work onto humanity.

Message us through this website by making your booking with our healing team of emissaries, and Azraella Raphael.

Blessed Be.”

The Angels & Archangels.
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The typical process of the Pearls of Divine Wisdom session

* You lay down comfortably and while resting, you receive an opening deeply first to the Angelic Realms & Mother Earth.

* You receive an activation to connect you to your Master Guides, your Angelic Presence and your Higher Self.

* Within this connection you are held in a deep space to receive the activation of  your ‘Golden Book of Divine Wisdom’ that holds the Divine Plan of your Life within it, plus all the tools and dispensations that you’ll need over your lifetime as you commit to your scared work.

* Then a deep process of releasing unresolved karma ensues, which may involve clearing akashic records and other blocks or seals etc within you, so that this Golden Book is able to be fully embodied and accessed by your Consciousness.

* The Pearls of Divine Wisdom (pearls on the Inner Planes that are dispensations) are gently placed throughout the session into your heart and brow chakras, (and any additional chakras needing them), to support the activation to the Divine Plan of your Life as a Lightworker.
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(NOTE: IN-PERSON sessions have temporarily ceased due to the pandemic and will be available again soon. ONLINE / Phone sessions still available.)


  • A while back I took my Mum to Azraella. She had undergone a serious major thyroid operation and was unable to lie down or sleep without choking and waking. It was a painful and frightening post op condition that was leaving her exhausted and unable to breathe properly. Within minutes of the treatment commencing she was lying down and asleep on Azraella's couch. She woke up at the end of the treatment refreshed, no longer in pain and able to sleep normally once again. Thanks Az! Love your work Lady xxxxx

  • I've been working with Azraella for a year now through her readings, healings, guided meditations and facilitation of Divine University programs. Most recently I have been seeing her for monthly sessions where she combines Tarot Reading and Healing. The impact of this work has been profound, Azraella is a very clear channel and her accuracy is matched by her compassion. I highly recommend her, value the work she is doing and look forward to continuing the journey I have begun with her.

  • Using powerful meditations and a no-nonsense approach to explaining her life’s work, Azraella's course gives you the low down on getting yourself focused to live a balanced, joyful life. Loved it.