Happy Heart Session

Energy Healing Session
with Azraella Raphael,
Psychic Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

Receive a chakra scan, work with 3 Universal Laws and release your Heart Burdens to experience joy in life again, in this Happy Heart Session with Azraella & The Family of Light.


What is a Happy Heart session?

As a Mentor of The Divine University, Azraella offers the Happy Heart Session; a profound yet simple way to open your heart deeply, allowing you to say YES to your beautiful heart energy flowing through all of your life more.

During this 90 minute session you are led through an easy and interactive process to lift from you unresolved energies, which up until now have limited your happiness and joy, so you can feel lighter and freer after your Happy Heart session.

Azraella will share with you teachings about the three key Universal Laws that aid you to bypass the creation of challenges in your life and develop greater happiness.

You can easily open to a new flow of divine light, love and joy as you integrate the shift offered through receiving a Happy Heart session.
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How does the Happy Heart session work?

During the session you are infused with divine energy and held in a pyramid shaped energetic chamber of light for 90 minutes.

Azraella makes a beautiful heart connection with your Soul, transmitting grace, love and wisdom into the core of your Being.

As your chakras are gently scanned with a form of divine light technology held within the pyramid, Azraella supports you to recognise unresolved energy and consciousness that is no longer serving you, so the pyramid chamber can infuse divine energy into any recognised energy or consciousness blockages.

As this energy needing resolution is simply honoured and accepted, higher light frequencies that help to dissolve, purify or transform this within you are activated, to infuse through your chakras to begin the transformation process.

Azraella is working in symbiosis with the Angels, Archangels, your Higher Self and Divine Presence to give you the highest level of divine assistance as much grace flows through you.
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The Five Primary Benefits of the Happy Heart session

You will:

  1. be supported to transform one or more of your core unresolved energies that have weighed upon you up until now.
  2. improve your relationships with others as you develop a greater relationship with yourself.
  3. learn to become the Loving Observer of yourself and your experiences in life, rather than fall into them.
  4. receive an understanding of three key Universal Laws and how to apply these in your daily life with positive results.
  5. experience a sense of liberation occurring for you after your Happy Heart session.

During & after your Happy Heart session, you receive

* a 90 minute interactive, three step process session;

* your chakra scan report;

* an audio recording of your session;

* additional documents emailed to you to further your education, with practical tools enclosed to support you in your everyday life experience moving forward.
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How many Happy Heart sessions will I need?

You may only require one session or it could be up to five sessions if immense healing is required for the heart of your Soul. Typically it can be up to three sessions yet it is different for everyone, depending on the level of joy or lack there of that you may be currently experiencing in life.
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CAREFULLY select preferred ONLINE/phone or IN-PERSON session to book your appointment

(NOTE: IN-PERSON sessions have temporarily ceased due to the pandemic and will be available again soon. ONLINE / Phone sessions still available.)


  • My name is Jules and I would like to say a huge "Thank you Azraella" for the profound and blissful healings I have received in your care. I have struggled with a number of chronic health issues over several years and you have given me an increase in energy and vitality along with an understanding of how to manage and improve my long term health issues.

  • Had a fantastic session and feel amazing and very blessed. Would like to thank you Azraella for offering such an amazing gift – your time and presence.

  • Azraella is amazing, way beyond your normal Healer; if you looking for Guidance, Healing or Divine Support. I would highly recommend.

    Jules P.