Energy, Spiritual, Angelic Healings

with Azraella Raphael,
Psychic Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

All our Energy Spiritual Angelic Healing sessions are either 75 or 90 minutes in length, depending on the session type.

See our FAQ’s to answer such questions as, “Which healing session is the right one for me?”

Follow your heart guidance based on what your present needs are to book any of the following services:



A brief summary of all our healing sessions are below for you to read and determine which session is the highest for where you are at right now.
You can read more about each healing on their relevant page.

Angelic (Energy/Spiritual) Healing
The most popular session; a classic ‘lay down and receive’ experience.

This session is great for:
* releasing burdens, stress and anxieties

* lifting emotional and physical pain
* support for pre and post surgery to heal your energy lines of force that support your physical body to heal
* receiving an attunement to help you get back on track with your highest path
* activating your Higher Self connection, so you can receive clarity and guidance once again clearly
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Pearls of Divine Wisdom

This session is great for:
* activating your spiritual, healer or teacher path
* activating your chakras, energy body and gifts
* connecting you to your Golden Book of Divine Truth, that is your life guide
* releasing your burdens, stress, anxieties etc

* activating your Higher Self connection, to receive clarity & guidance clearly
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Akashic Record Session

This session is great for:
* fully surrendering by simply arriving at the session to allow whatever has been the biggest obstacle or block in your life up until now, to be lifted
* accelerating the evolution of your consciousness and gifts

* activating self awareness & self realisation
* releasing burdens, stress, anxieties

* activating your Higher Self connection to receive clarity & guidance
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Happy Heart Session

This session is great for:
* lifting your burdens via a chakra scan & receiving light technologies to transmute the unresolved
* opening the flow of your heart energy to bring joy again
* activating your connection with three key Universal Laws to support your new Happy Heart lifestyle
* improving your relationship with others as you improve your relationship with yourself  

* activating your Higher Self connection to receive clarity & guidance
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Yes you can! You can choose whether to receive a 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute Psychic Tarot Reading with a 75 minute Angelic Healing. Book your reading & healing package.

Note that you can only book a Psychic Tarot Reading with an Angelic Healing session. The Pearls of Divine Wisdom, Akashic Record & Happy Heart healings are stand alone sessions, due to the nature of how each of these sessions are conducted and their purpose.

Yes! Audio recordings of your session with Azraella are welcome, video recordings are not.

You can record your session on your smartphone. If you do not know how to do this on an iPhone or Samsung, then Azraella can show or guide you on how to do it – it’s easy!

If you have an alternative smartphone or audio recorder, you will need to know how to set it up to record yourself.

Azraella does not record the session for you on your behalf; you bring your recording equipment with you, which is so easy these days with smartphones!


  • I've been working with Azraella for a year now through her readings, healings, guided meditations and facilitation of Divine University programs. Most recently I have been seeing her for monthly sessions where she combines Tarot Reading and Healing. The impact of this work has been profound, Azraella is a very clear channel and her accuracy is matched by her compassion. I highly recommend her, value the work she is doing and look forward to continuing the journey I have begun with her.

  • Azraella has demonstrated a great commitment and integrity in her practice as a spiritual healer during the years. She shows outstanding ethical values which she shares with her clients in her practice.

  • Azraella is amazing, way beyond your normal Healer; if you looking for Guidance, Healing or Divine Support. I would highly recommend.

    Jules P.