Angelic, Energy, Spiritual Healing

with Azraella Raphael,
Psychic Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

“Angelic Healing is the natural evolutionary process every Human Being may enter, to liberate your heart, mind & soul of your past memories, and activate your Angelic Consciousness (Higher Self) to be your Life Guide.”


The purpose of the Angelic Healing session is to:

* alleviate your burdens, stress and anxieties so all may be removed with grace and ease, creating you to feel light and at peace again;

* lift all unresolved energy between yourself and another that may be impacting your relationship path.
(This could be a romantic partner, work colleague, a family member and so forth, as most do not realise when you physically move on from someone, that you have not necessarily disconnected from them etherically – that you are taking what is unresolved, no matter how long ago it was, into the new to be addressed with them instead).

* support the alleviation of physical body pain; (also seeing a skilled physical body practitioner is always recommended);
(This is especially great for pre & post surgery support, to support your energy filaments (lines of light) to repair themselves after invasive surgery).

* receive an alignment with your mission here, as your soul is supported deeply to have peace with your path;

* activate your Higher Connection so you may start to receive more inner guidance about the Higher Divine Plan of your Life.
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Divine Transmission,
about the Angelic Healing session

“Our Angelic Healing Teams share that when you are held within these sessions of sacred love from the Divine, that all that has troubled your heart with burdens, worries and concerns shall be lifted.

That Beloved God/dess shall hold you deep with their heart and bring forth the divine dispensations needed within this session, so that you can be blessed by the holy light of God/dess, and all the dispensations that are in highest divine order for you to receive.

You shall receive a realignment to your Highest Path of Potential, and the return of many of your Spiritual Gifts shall be brought forth to you, so that you can begin your empowered path of Life Mastery again.

All of this occurs gracefully, as you lay and receive the blessings from Beloved God/dess on your sacred path of awakening.

Blessed be.”

The Angels & Archangels.
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The Divine Process of the Angelic Healing session

  • You lay down, connect to Mother Earth, the Angelic Realms, beloved Mother Father God/dess with all the Angels & Archangels supporting you over the session.
  • Your energy body is connected to deeply By the Angelic Realms to receive the activations and alleviations in highest divine order for your Being, so that your path of Life Mastery can begin.
  • You activate your Highest Path of Potential so that this path is deeply embodied within your heart.
  • You receive a divine blueprint for yourself for moving forward with the Highest Divine Plan of your Life, to support you to bring grace and ease into your everyday life experience.
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CAREFULLY select preferred ONLINE/phone or IN-PERSON session to book your appointment

(NOTE: IN-PERSON sessions have temporarily ceased due to the pandemic and will be available again soon. ONLINE / Phone sessions still available.)


  • I've been working with Azraella for a year now through her readings, healings, guided meditations and facilitation of Divine University programs. Most recently I have been seeing her for monthly sessions where she combines Tarot Reading and Healing. The impact of this work has been profound, Azraella is a very clear channel and her accuracy is matched by her compassion. I highly recommend her, value the work she is doing and look forward to continuing the journey I have begun with her.

  • Azraella has demonstrated a great commitment and integrity in her practice as a spiritual healer during the years. She shows outstanding ethical values which she shares with her clients in her practice.

  • My name is Jules and I would like to say a huge "Thank you Azraella" for the profound and blissful healings I have received in your care. I have struggled with a number of chronic health issues over several years and you have given me an increase in energy and vitality along with an understanding of how to manage and improve my long term health issues.