Akashic Record Readings

Energy Healing Session
with Azraella Raphael,
Psychic Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

Receive an Akashic Record Reading (Energy Healing) to liberate your heaviest karma with Azraella & the Angels.


The Purpose of an Akashic Record Session is to liberate you from your heaviest karmas, (personal and family), and to:

* accelerate the evolution of consciousness and energy of your Being

* accelerate the opening of the gifts held by you in your heart

* offer you freedom and a higher quality of life

* support the development of peace, personally and on earth

* bring self awareness and self realisation.

To offer understanding about yourself, such as:
– why you are the way you are;
– why certain things are happening in your life;
– why certain things may trigger you;
– why you avoid certain things;
– why you feel certain things;
– why you may be blaming, projecting upon another, life, God.

It is the power of self awareness and the power to change consciousness and beliefs, that gives power to this work and accelerates your evolution.
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Benefits of an Akashic Record Reading

* Lightens the heart
Some souls experience a ‘heavy’ or congested heart, which means they carry burdens/problems that weight them down.

* Re-opens the heart
A soul may walk with their heart partially or fully closed, due to a previous experience or to another person, which creates them to lose their faith, trust, commitment or belief in something, someone or even themselves.

* Awakens the Truth of your Heart Chakra
When a soul carries memories of heart hurts, then a soul is unable to feel or know who they really are. When these memories are released through the akashic work, the heart is freed of the old, so that the beautiful and pure essence of Self may be felt, known, expressed, experienced.

* Builds Positive Self Identity
By releasing an unresolved memory, a soul will find it is easier to build a positive relationship with themselves, to see themselves in a positive new light to build confidence and inner strength.

* Heals Heart Hurts & Clears the Heart Chakra
If a soul has been hurt through lies, disrespect, betrayal etc, then this can create a soul to be over-protective and to live a life in fear, which affects all your future choices. Every heart carries the memories of all lives and some memories influence our actions, words, deeds, choices, reactions, beliefs and feelings in this life, in a way that may limit you.

* This akashic work supports you to understand how, why and where you are driven by your fears and addresses the greatest influence upon your life presently; to open the doorway to freedom from this most limiting, current influence, so that your heart dreams can manifest with grace.
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The Two Types of Akashic Reading Sessions Available:

1: Akasha of the Soul

This is the most popular session, as it applies to all. It is where we access “The Akasha of Closures”, which relates to the loss of access to the specific gifts of your soul, your open heart, your experience of Love and Wholeness, and the divine experience and energy of giving, through your path of service/purpose.
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2: Akasha of the Family

The Family Heart session is one where the client is purely there as a vessel in service to two other family members who carry unresolved family karma with each other. This client is a ‘Family Service Member’, and is booking the session so they can help their family members let go, forgive each other and allow the love to flow again between them.

This family karma has nothing to do with the Family Service Member, because this service member is clear and open with them; they have resolved their karma with them by making amends (within or without), feels no anger, grief, shame etc when they think about their family members and what they are experiencing with one another, and is merely there to support other family members to come into peace with each other.

For your family members to receive this healing via you as the vessel, both family members need to be biologically related to you, and both presently living upon the earth.
(NOTE: These types of sessions only work if you share the same DNA as your family members; if you are adopted you can still take full advantage of the Akasha of the Soul session to support yourself and your family. Further information on this is below).

Also, if you do wish to be of service to your family members, but you are currently experiencing a lot or some negative emotion or thoughts about them and their circumstances, then you would need to receive the Akasha of the Soul session firstly, before you could receive this one.

So if you are at peace with these family members completely, feel free to book an ‘Akasha of the Family’ session. If not, then it is the highest to book an Akasha of the Soul instead.

If you are still unsure about which type of akashic session to book, contact us.

Azraella as an Akashic Record Reader

I am a divine reader of the Akashic Records, which are ‘Records of Light’ that contain old memories, beliefs and programs from past lives, as well as from within this current lifetime, that may have up until now, held you back from coming into your fullest potential in any given area of your life. ‘Akasha’ simply means ‘divine truth’ in the language of light.

As a Counsellor of Light / Akashic Record Reader, I enter into my Higher Self connection to read any of the 7 dimensions of your heart chakra, to clear a blockage in the flow of love, conditions around love, and sharing of unconditional love for that specific dimension.

The 7 levels/dimensions of your heart are:

  1. Your Soul (inner self)
  2. Your Partner (or Mate)
  3. Your Family
  4. Your Soul Family
  5. Your Community
  6. Your Fellow Humanity
  7. Your Spiritual Family

This akashic work also activates your own light channel via your Higher Self connection to grow stronger, for greater life guidance and healing support in the future.
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CAREFULLY select preferred ONLINE/phone or IN-PERSON session to book your appointment

(NOTE: IN-PERSON sessions have temporarily ceased due to the pandemic and will be available again soon. ONLINE / Phone sessions still available.)


  • I am incredibly happy and feel very blessed to have received such a powerful and liberating healing session. The space was well organized and the altar was beautiful. Azraella made an effort to explain how the session was going to work which made me feel comfortable and safe. At all times I felt supported and the liberation from old beliefs and experiences from the past was so powerful. I don’t have words to describe it. Even the accuracy of the information. Everything made sense and was transmitted in such a gentle and compassionate way, so I could process and understand. It was beautiful.

  • Azraella is a very gifted channel – it’s clear from the start of the session that she is very connected to her enlightened self and this provided a space/connection where a deep healing can effortlessly take place.

  • I felt very held and supported throughout the session. It flowed very easily and I am extremely happy with what I received. I would definitely recommend this session to others based on my last session and my experience since that session. Since my last session I have found that one of the things that cleared was in relation to fighting inner and outer, and I am astounded at how dramatically the inner fighting has decreased to almost down to about 10% of what I was putting myself through. So it is very amazing to me. Thank you.