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  • Azraella is amazing!!! I would recommend her to anyone interested in having a healing or tarot reading.

  • I was fortunate to come to Azraella 3 years ago after being very ill in Britain. Her guidance has been awesome in both career and personal life, and her business acumen thru readings invaluable in an intricate career in music and commerce. I urge you to come to this wonderful and beautiful lady who is imbued with a rare gift from God for psychic, intuition and spirit. She has a Genuine Love and care for all her clients and you are made to feel very special. In troubled times pick up your phone and make an appointment! Azraella is a Gem!

  • I have been using Azraella's services for a number of years now and I have found her guidance and wisdom invaluable. I often refer to Azraella when I am feeling stuck with a situation or a decision and she provides me with the light I have been looking for. I would highly recommend her readings and healing sessions to anyone who is looking for an accurate, wise and compassionate service.