Azraella Raphael
Psychic Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

Benefit from any of the following Products & Services of Azraella Raphael, who works as a Multi-Dimensional Channel, with The Angels & Archangels, The Enlightened Ones, her Higher Self & Divine Presence



  • Had a fantastic session and feel amazing and very blessed. Would like to thank you Azraella for offering such an amazing gift – your time and presence.

  • I have been blessed with many readings by Azraella. She provides inspired guidance - offering up the highest path that will lead to me embodying my full potential. She gently reminds me I have free choice to co-create my destiny. I am looking forward to my next adventure knowing the possibilities on offer and what is in my way … trusting I have the courage to step forward with grace.

  • The divine assistance offered was perfect. Azraella was a wonderful facilitator and guide through the experience. Very easy to receive… and I was very happy with the outcome. It presents a divine framework to transform present challenges at a core level. I could feel and know the direct impact it was having through my being. I felt Azraella was awesome at this and I want other people to receive these kinds of sessions.