Connect with Your Higher Self Effortlessly

Higher Self Activation Coaching is a personalised program for activating your Higher Self Connection and Angelic Consciousness, to open your Soul and Spiritual Gifts to use for Self, and also with others if guided, on the path of fulfilling your Purpose.

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What Higher Self Connection can feel like

Watch this video to hear what it feels like when you connect with your Higher Self deeply.

Program Features

Benefits of Higher Self Activation Coaching

Higher Self Connection

Gain clear access to your Purpose and the steps to create it

Energy Body Activation

Turn ‘the light on’ in your Energy Body to receive answers clearly

Inner Planes Access

Connect to the Spiritual Realms, such as the Angelic & Archangelic to receive Divine Assistance

Energy Body Anchoring

Ground the Spiritual Current you receive easily to manifest your creations

Unified Field Connection

Work and meditate in an activated Sacred Space within a protected Multi-dimensional Temple Space

Angelic Consciousness Activation

Access your unique Spiritual Gifts to serve your Purpose

Higher Communication Mastery

Receive Higher Wisdom for yourself, and use this also when communicating with others

Clear Higher Guidance

Know when to take action or when to surrender in accordance to the Divine Plan without doubting your guidance

Program Requirements

Higher Self Activation Coaching is for you if:

You want to learn to channel/connect with Higher Self, Spirit, the Angels & Archangels

You wish to get clear on your Soul’s Purpose, or grow what you are already doing

You are ready to ‘turn on’ your Spiritual Gifts

You wish to gain clarity about yourself and your life direction through your Spiritual Connection

You are passionate about Wellbeing and Personal Development

You are willing to invest into your Empowerment and Growth

You are ready to change your life gracefully into the Highest Direction for you

You are willing to apply at least 40 minutes daily

Throughout the program, I felt myself become more intuitive, more grounded and more powerful. I started feeling myself held by Spirit [Higher Self] during my meditations, and started seeing more and more angel numbers in everyday life. After practicing the meditations regularly, my tarot readings to my friends got more accurate.
Finance Executive

Higher Self Activation Coaching Programs

Choose from either our 2, 4 or 6 month coaching programs to resolve any energy that may have been blocking your Higher Self Connection up until now. Each package includes:


Archangelic Emissary is the largest program available if you are serious about activating your Angelic Consciousness, opening to the Angelic, Archangelic and Enlightenment Realms, and birthing your Angelic and Archangelic gifts.

It requires an easy yet committed focus of 6 months to activate your Angelic Consciousness and Higher Self Connection through your Being - and if you wish for this - to learn to work with the Angels and Archangels deeply so you can activate Sacred Space, unlock your Spiritual Gifts and eventually be able to activate and work with others deeply in divine timing in either group or one-on-one work.

Includes 12 x 2 hour bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) Coaching Sessions over 6 months

Archangelic Emissary Program

$6,000 AUD


Archangelic Activation is for activating one’s connection as an Emissary to the Angelic and Archangelic Realms to channel your Higher Self, so you may assist many other Souls to also connect to the Angelic and Archangelic Realms with your Angelic Consciousness.

It requires an easy yet committed focus for a minimum of 4 months for this to occur, as your Soul and Spirit align with your Divine Will to open these Spiritual Gifts within you, as well as the birthing of your Higher Self Connection more deeply.

Includes 8 x 2 hour bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) Coaching Sessions over 4 months

Archangelic Activation Program

$5,000 AUD


Archangelic Divinity is for activating one’s Divine Consciousness to connect to your Higher Self more deeply, to remove all obstacles and blocks that may have limited your Higher Self Connection from fully occurring up until now.

It requires an easy yet committed focus of 2 months to activate yourself as a Divine Emissary of the Angels and Archangels, for a Consciousness Shift within you to occur, and to align your Will with Divine Will so the activation of your Higher Self gifts and your Angelic Consciousness occurs with ease.

Includes 4 x 2 hour bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) Coaching Sessions over 2 months

Archangelic Divinity Program

$3,500 AUD

Book a free 45 minute Zoom call with Azraella Raphael to receive how this form of coaching can benefit you

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be guided to register if you:

  • are feeling stuck, bored, empty inside and seek change within oneself and your life

  • have been feeling heavily burdened with the karma of ‘over responsibility’ from taking on too much, and want to reverse this so you experience life with more grace

  • wish to discover your purpose, or grow you life purpose goals more deeply

  • want to communicate and work with the Family of Light (Angels & Archangels, etc)

  • would like to become a fully activated ‘Lightworker’ (coach/healer) to work with others in an empowering, fulfilling way spiritually

Each 2 hour session (held every two weeks) consists of meeting via Zoom, then having a discussion on how you are flowing in your life at that particular moment and with the training, what you have or have not achieved to date, (and there is no judgment on this), and what advice Azraella channels for you from Spirit to help you achieve your goal with this program.

We then begin with the first activation/meditation of the session, where Azraella activates Sacred Space to raise the vibration of the field around you both so the Angels & Archangels can come into your Sacred Space and your energy field easily to work with you.

You are usually sitting upright comfortably to receive/listen to the guided meditations, (activation healing), with your eyes closed to receive deep infusions of frequency into your Being in a deep state of surrender and receptivity.

The next part of the session typically involves a brief conversation or Q&A about the last meditation before commencing the next activation/meditation together.

Your session completes with a session overview/Q&A and recommended homework is offered, which is simply listening to the guided meditations – the audio transmissional healings – recorded during your session, and to do this a certain number of times over the next two week period.

One of the meditations from the coaching session is typically your ‘daily practice’, the second meditation is usually recommended to receive perhaps 3-6 times additionally over the 2 weeks.

The ‘recommendations’ of listening to the meditations are exactly that – it is a recommendation. One is always encouraged to follow their own heart guidance to fit this program into the lifestyle that works for them.

If you were unable to find the time to listen to a meditation repeatedly, there is no judgment on this at your next session. All is in divine order. Of course, you get out of the program what you put in.

As soon as you sign up and make payment for the Higher Self Activation Coaching, the Angels and Archangels with your Higher Self, and Azraella’s Divine Presence, commence working with your Energy Body and Consciousness to prepare you for your coaching program.

Even though the live coaching sessions occur every two weeks, the Angels & Archangels continue to work with you day and night, in Highest Divine Order for your Being to assist you in achieving your goal of connecting with your Higher Self.

You are being deeply held every day over the life of the program you signed up for on the Inner Planes and with your own Higher Self to activate your Spiritual Connection deeply in accordance with the 2, 4 or 6 month program you registered for.

The outcome is unique to the individual signing up. It varies based on your level of commitment to this easy coaching and training style, and also with the level of light your Energy Body is currently holding.

An individual who has done a lot of Spiritual Activation work may have a different outcome to someone who is completely new to this work. Azraella will share with you personally on your free Consultation Call what outcome you can expect with where your Energy Body and Spiritual Connection is at presently, plus answer any other questions you have about Higher Self Activation Coaching on the same call.

Connection starts immediately via the way the coaching session is conducted. The outcome in terms of clear communication between you and your Higher Self is unique to the individual however. It is dependent upon how dedicated you are with receiving this easy coaching style, and with meditating during the two week period after each session, as per the suggested recommendations.

It is also dependent upon how you work with and honor your mind, as you support your mental body to align to your Higher Self Connection. In doing this, your mind surrenders and steps back to allow your Higher Guidance/Higher Connection to come through you more consciously, via your deeper open hearted connection to Higher Self, and with practice you eliminate all doubt about whether you have a clear connection to receive answers to your life questions.

The Activation Meditations vary in length, typically between 35-50 minutes approximately, where you are held by Azraella and the Angels & Archangels in a deeply activated field of light so that your Soul and Spirit finds this easy to do and receive.

The coaching sessions are both conversational (minimal), with supportive wisdom teachings offered specific to you to support your Higher Self Connection, as well as receiving the Highest Activations (the predominant part of the coaching), for your Energy Body, Soul and Spirit to unite as one, aligning your consciousness to the Divine Plan of your life/purpose.

None – you need no prior experience of meditating, or any previous understanding of your Energy Body or Spiritual Language to be able to receive this easy coaching and activation program.

The live coaching is adapted specifically to exactly where you are at to support you to grow deeply to the next level of empowerment for yourself with your Higher Self Connection.

There is no right or wrong – whether you are new to this work, or have several years experience, the activations and coaching program is adapted specifically for your own unique growth.

I have read many books and attended so many courses and programs over the past 25 years. My experience throughout Azraella’s program was the most powerful and significant of all the work I have done during this time. Since completing the program, my experience, connectedness, knowledge and energy has shifted at an accelerated pace. I feel like I have been given the keys to life, my purpose and my mission. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Claudia North
Founder, with Small Business

About Azraella

Higher Self Coach

Azraella Raphael has been a Spiritual Coach for 25 years. During that time she has mentored thousands of people from all walks of life, assisting them to connect to their Higher Guidance to reach their highest potential outcome in any given situation, to ultimately fulfil their Purpose.

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