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7 Keys to connect with the Angels & Archangels

The Angels & Archangels share,
“We are offering humanity divine gifts and dispensations to support you to open to your own Higher Consciousness, so you yourself can work with the Angels & Archangels more deeply, and be open in your Energy Body of Light to be able to receive Divine Assistance from us.”

“This is our sacred clarion call to all the beautiful Angelic Humans out there, if you would like to receive divine guidance and support from the Angels and Archangels, to assist you on your path of life empowerment – to feel strong, full of light and activated in your consciousness for greater spiritual fulfilment.

Key 1: Release energy blockages
To do this, one must be willing to let go of the old, (memories of the past, unresolved energy, emotional or mental attachments to things or people that no longer serve), and to make way for the new, (your heart dreams, your goals, the divine assistance you are asking for), to open to the highest potential of ones life path and to open ones higher consciousness, to Higher Self & your Divine Presence deeply.

Key 2: Meditate regularly
This divine connection to Higher Self, Divine Presence and the Angels & Archangels can occur in many ways. Meditation is one, and receiving divine assistance and healing is another. Opening your Energy Body of Light to the divine assistance of the Angels & Archangels is a very powerful, deep, supportive way to receive this form of divine connection easily.

When one in meditation steps aside within their consciousness, (releases/offers up their thoughts and feelings in that particular moment), and allows themselves to open up deeply in their energy body, then they can receive the deepest form of divine assistance in their life.

Key 3: Release your preferences
One must also be wiling to surrender and let go of personal beliefs or preferences also to support them to raise in vibration/energy and open up to the Inner Planes, the Higher Planes of Light where the Angels & Archangels, Higher Self & Divine Presence reside.

It is from the Higher Planes of Light that one can receive this powerful form of divine assistance, and when one can give over, hand away their burdensome thoughts, feelings and beliefs that have up until now, created the situation they have been experiencing, they then can receive this form of divine assistance from the Angels & Archangels effortlessly.

Key 4: Connect with Higher Self
Another powerful way to support oneself is through the gift of opening up and receiving ones highest connection to their Divine Presence and Higher Self. When ones Higher Self starts to ground and merge deeply within ones energy body system, one is able to open up to the Higher Divine Plan for ones spiritual growth to live an emotionally and spiritually fulfilling life.

Key 5: Discipline in spiritual practice
To do this requires discipline, and also requires letting go of ones preferences of what they would prefer to hear or receive in the form of divine guidance or divine assistance. For the preferences one has may be impeding or blocking that which you are asking for.

Key 6: Trust in your connection
For when one is asking for something to assist our path, one may be blocking the request from coming through if one has little faith in what they are asking for, if they are not trusting in their own abilities of creation and manifestation, and if one is doubting that Spirit, (the Angels & Archangels, Higher Self, Divine Presence, etc) is really listening to them and assisting them with their request.

Key 7: Energy Body development
To really be able to receive Divine Assistance, one needs to work with ones energy body and develop it so that the Higher Dimensional Assistance can come through onto the physical plane, (Mother Earth) into ones life.

If one is not willing to apply themselves to this form of mastery of developing ones Energy Body of Light, ones energy body over time can become very blocked or limited in its flow of divine energy. If you have little divine energy within your energy body system, life will feel heavy, cumbersome, disjointed and one may even feel lacklustre in not really want to embrace much in their life.

If one has an energy body that is open, activated and full of light, and one connects deeply with the Inner Planes and allows the Angels & Archangels within ones heart, (as well as many other enlightened forms of consciousness such as Higher Self), then one can open and receive very deeply in their life with the assistance, abundance and support they are wishing to receive.

Until ones Energy Body of Light is fully open and activated, one may find it difficult to move through life with a lot of ease. One must continue working with their Energy Body of Light, growing and developing all dimensions of it virtually daily, (in divine order for you), will bring you long term the greatest rewards in life and the deepest fulfilment spiritually.

Bonus Key 8: Grow the light in your Heart Chakra
You may be guided to start working and developing your Heart Chakra, as this is the sacred place, the central place that connects you to the Inner Planes, (Spiritual Planes of Light), and where Higher Self, Divine Presence and the Angels & Archangels begin to merge with you.

Blessed Be.”
The Angels & Archangels

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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