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‘Wish I’d Done This Sooner’ – Aligning Heart and Mind

“As we contemplate for a moment about times we may have wished that we had done something sooner,

let’s perhaps consider a kind, loving, thought towards ourself;

that maybe at that time we were being invited to embrace a little bit of fear, a little bit of apprehension, a little bit of troubled memory that needed resolved,

of perhaps a thing or things that didn’t turn out quite as expected.

And that with the offering up of these thoughts, feelings, memories,

of which are all just simply energy from our past, energy from previous times,

as we honour that energy, we become a loving observer of that energy; breathing it out, offering it up and coming back into our Heart.

For when we come back into our heart and we listen to our heart, and our mind has released its troubled fears and thought-forms that our Being has resolved in relation to the past,

when our Being has given ourself time and space to do this,

we return back to the Heart of Oneness.

We receive our Higher Guidance, we open up to our Power of Potential,

and we unleash our Creative Power, our co-creative power with the Universe, with Spirit.

And no longer will we feel the need to say, ‘I wish I’d done this sooner’.

No longer does this need to pass our lips for we have practiced mastering the art of coming into Oneness,

coming into Alignment,

coming back into our Heart as we liberate our Mind, our Being, of the heaviness of any history of our past.

We bless it, send it on its way, and come back into Oneness,

into our Creative Power.

This is the Divine Truth of us reconnecting to our Divine Power, our Creativity, our Oneness and our Divinity.

And therefore our Being will no longer experience in the future, any regrets of wishing they had done something sooner.

We bless and honour you now as you take this in, as you breathe it in;

that you accept your Divinity, you offer up your fears, you come into the Oneness and you let go of all that no longer serves,

so that you can come back into your Creative Power, connect back into your Power of Creation.

Liberate your Being of all that no longer serves, come into the Oneness and just be;

be in the moment, without judgment, without criticism, without any pain, for all pain has been offered up, for all pain has been resolved.

We invite you to contemplate this so that you trust your Heart Guidance.

That you trust what your heart continually pulses, pulses, pulses at you to say or do.

We invite you to go a little deeper into your heart space,

to Receive, Receive, Receive,

your Higher Guidance, your Higher Connection, the Oneness, your Power of Creativity.

To bless, bless, bless all that you Are,

and to bless, bless, bless all you Create.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be as we rest in the Oneness, in our Divinity,

as we give thanks, we give thanks, we give thanks for this.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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