In Angelic Wisdom

Have I honoured My Love, My Divinity today?

Love and Divinity – the Divine Truth, center and core of who you are.

That you are complete Love, and that you are in Divine Truth so Divine.

Divine in your Heart,

Divine with the Spark in your Soul,

and a part of a great lineage of humanity that is also Divine.

When we open our heart to our own Love and Divinity,

we become humble,

we become receptive,

we become full of Love;

and we operate more gracefully with more Love, with more compassion for ourself and others.

When we operate with Love and Divinity, we are open and receptive to all things,

we embrace change with greater ease as we come back into our Heart,

back into our Oneness.

And this is an invitation now to consider your Divinity,

your Love,

your Divine Spark within.

Yet how often do we honour within ourself,

‘I am the Love and the Divinity. I have this deep within me’.

And it’s in there for all who seek it.

The Love and the Divinity is there for all who seek it.

As we honour the Love and Divinity now,

let’s call for your own Heart, your own Love, your own Divinity, that Divine Spark in your Heart,

to activate and ignite,

to turn on that Divine Light full of Love,

and to allow that light to pulsate, move through you.

That as you honour your Love and Divinity and allow it to pulsate, move through you,

you shall raise in vibration, raise in your energy, raise with a higher outlook, raise with the awareness of a higher potential, a higher potential outcome;

raise, raise, raise your consciousness. Raise, raise, raise yourself to a higher level of connection,

a Higher Consciousness connection.

That you raise, raise, raise yourself as you honour your Divinity,

you honour the Love within you,

and you honour all of this from a compassionate place of Love.

If you have not been able to do this up until now, to Love, honour your Divinity,

we invite you again to pause for just a moment to just allow the Divinity within you,

even if up until now you’ve had trouble connecting to this,

to allow this Divinity within you to touch you;

to lift you, to cleanse away all that no longer serves and to ignite that Divine Spark 1000 fold at least here now, with grace and ease,

to ignite, ignite, ignite the Love, the compassion, the Divinity within you here now.

And this energy therefore can be utilised with all that you do, with all that you offer, with all and whomever you touch.

With this Love and Divinity we can be transported via the Unified Field,

into the Heart of Oneness,

into the Heart of Oneness available for all Beings;

that you have that power, that ability, that gift,

and that your Heart is Divine.

That your Heart is beautiful, powerful, accessible, and can be utilised in a beautiful, powerful way.

We invite you to consider this now:

Have I honoured My Love, My Divinity today?

And if not, can I give myself this time now to be able to do this.

To say an invocation, a prayer, a call for Divine Assistance for the Field to be opened,

for your Presence, your Higher Self to merge with you,

and for your Love, your Divine Flame within to be activated to its Highest Potential now;

so you may receive, receive, receive,

all of the Love,

all of the Divinity within you,

and may it touch all, everyone and everything that you do.

Blessed Be the Earth. Blessed Be All Beings. Blessed be the Earth. Blessed Be all Beings.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be the Earth and all Beings,

as we invite all of Humanity, all Beings to embrace, honour, love and appreciate their Love and Divinity,

Blessed Be.

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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