In Angelic Wisdom

I Shall Pause & Breathe

” ‘I Shall Pause & Breathe’,

said a wise Angelic Human to another Being that was feeling a little concerned, a little overwhelmed by all that was occurring in their life at that time.

‘I Shall Pause & Breathe’, simply provides us an opportunity to do simply that;

to pause,

take a break,

not be so hard on ourself,

and honour all that is occurring in our life up until now.

To know that as we pause, as we start to breathe, that we honour all that is occurring in our life, and that we choose to make a conscious choice to not make it right or wrong,

but to honour it, to accept that as we pause and breathe,

we are able to stand back a little emotionally, mentally,

breathe to take respite, to take rest, detach a little,

and begin again with a fresh outlook, with fresh energy, with fresh new potentials before us.

For if we do not learn to master the art, the kind act upon ourself of pausing and breathing,

sometimes turmoil, tumultuous energy, chaos or a troubled heart and mind may seem like it is out of control,

and we may feel we wish to the pulsed, to be guided on how to pause, breathe, receive, let go, surrender,

align our Will with Divine Will, and come into Oneness.

When we Pause & Breathe we become receptive and we are open to change,

open to moving in a Higher Direction,

open to the Oneness and the Divinity of who we are and All That Is, and we see a Higher Divine Plan.

We see a Higher Divine Plan that is in Highest Divine Order for us,

and we are able to move forward, clear, calm, receptive,

taking gentle, strong, compassionate action,

holding loving thoughts, holding love and honour for ourself, our deeds, our goals, our actions and continuing to work with the Oneness.

Continuing to work with All That Is supporting our goals, dreams, plans, our power of manifestation, of creation to move through us gently but powerfully, solidly in the highest way.

We invite you to consider how often you may consciously choose to Pause & Breathe.

Do you give yourself the time and space?

Do you honour yourself and all that is occurring in your life?

And do you choose to breathe it out, give it to Source, to Beloved God Source Universe,

so that your burdens, troubles, turmoil within or turmoil without is liberated, cleansed, lifted from your Being,

so that Divine Union on the inner, balance between Heart and Mind,

Soul and Spirit,

for balance therefore to occur in your outer reality?

Do you allow, give yourself permission to do this regularly, daily even, if this is the highest for you?

How often do you say, ‘Okay, it’s now time to Pause & Breathe’,

and just do it because you can.

Because it’s your birthright.

Because you deserve to receive,

and because you deserve a break.

Blessed Be these higher intentions now for the Earth and Humanity.

May all Beings choose to, if it be in highest divine order, as they are pulsed,

to Pause & Breathe,

be kind, loving, compassionate, take a backseat;

allow the old energy to clear, resolve,

and allow a higher new energy to come in and take its place.

Blessed Be the Earth and all Beings. Blessed Be the Earth and all Beings. Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be the Earth and all Beings.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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