In Angelic Wisdom

Time to acknowledge, I am Very Special

“How many times have I thought, have I acknowledged that…

‘I am very Special?’

How many times have I not compared myself to another,

sat in my own uniqueness and shared deep within myself:

‘Yes, it is true; I am very Special.’

How many times have I looked upon how I have touched the world, given it:

My love,

My touch,

My blessings through my actions or my thoughts?

And acknowledged that as I did this, that to be able to do this,

‘I am very Special.’

I am very Special because there is truly no one like me.

I am very Special because all I have to give is unique from me.

Nobody else has this.

It is truly, truly very special and unique.

I am Special,

I am Unique,

and I deserve to be honoured for this Uniqueness.

This Uniqueness that starts within me.

I honour and accept my Uniqueness.

I honour and accept how Special I am.

I honour and accept that I in divine truth – am Divine Truth.

I am Divine.

I am the Highest Light.

I am willing to receive my own Divine Angelic Connection through simply honouring that it is worthy;

it is Special;

and it is a gift that I can send out through the Universe via the field, to bless everyone and everything with all that I do.”

We give thanks to the Angels and Archangels now for this blessing.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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