In Angelic Wisdom

I am Happy within Myself

“It is time now to accept that we can be happy within ourself, regardless of whatever may be occurring in our life.

That we can, no matter what is occurring,

take time out,

give ourself a break,

honour how far we’ve come and how much we have done,

and still despite it all,

be happy within ourself.

For perhaps it has not occurred to thee up until now to truly step back and look at –

how much one has done,

how much you may have achieved,

how much you may have moved through,

and that despite it all we can choose with our Will, as we align it to Divine Will,

to be happy within ourself.

That it’s safe to do this.

That it’s a beautiful thing to do this,

to honour ourself,

love ourself,

be receptive with ourself,

and to take this love within, this happiness within,

direct it into our heart as a blessing, as a sacred honouring to ourself –

for have you truly honoured yourself today?

Have your honoured yourself and said,

‘Wow, look at how far I’ve come. Look at what I’ve done. Look at what I’ve had to move through, and despite it all and even if I would have preferred a slightly different outcome, I can still be happy within myself;

knowing, I’ve done a journey, a big journey. I’ve traveled far and I simply need to step aside, love and honour myself,

put myself in a Higher Vibration, in a Higher Place for a Higher Outlook and take a step forward in a new direction, a Higher Direction to continue being

‘Happy with Myself’.

For when I choose and I am willing to be happy within myself,

I can see the higher way. I can see the higher opportunities. I can see the guidance, the clarity.

I can see all of it.

Being Happy within Myself makes it so much easier to see all of this.

And so we share with thee, that if you be willing to pause and reflect consciously from time to time,

and say,

‘I am Happy within Myself. I choose to be Happy listen Myself, and that as I am Happy within Myself, greater ease, greater opportunities, greater love can come through.’

Greater love. greater ease. greater opportunities can come through, and therefore the happiness,

the beautiful sun energy inside of our heart can grow like a beautiful large golden loving sun, growing full of light;

filling us, warming us, flooding through our body, supporting us to feel close, centered to Universe, God Source, Great Spirit.

Are you willing to give yourself permission to be happy within yourself so that you can raise in vibration,

be open and receptive,

welcome change gracefully and come into Oneness?

Blessed Be all your Self Love,

all your loving kindness to Self.

Blessed Be all the warmth you shower upon yourself.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be your inner love, your inner happiness.

Blessed Be. May the Earth and All Beings receive this now.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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