In Angelic Wisdom

Angelic Wisdom – A Divine Teaching of…

“We welcome you into the Heart of the Divine Angelic Portal of Wisdom.

This is where you may connect to at any time to receive loving guidance and support, and even at times Divine Angelic Healing,

to support the Divine Angelic Wisdom to come through your Being, so it becomes a knowing;

a knowing of what the Highest Path of Potential is for your goal, your target, your aim in life.

Let’s honour as we connect to our own Angelic Wisdom within, your own Angelic Presence, your Higher Self.

Let’s go within as we receive through sacred intention and prayer, access – we open up to our Higher Self, our Angelic Connection, as well as to the Divine Angelic Wisdom Portal that is available to any Being at any time.

As you ask for permission to enter into this portal, this gateway, to receive the Angelic Wisdom that is in Highest Divine Order for you at this time,

you will receive Divine Guidance on your Highest Path of Potential. You will receive the Wisdom, the steps, the path of co-creation with the Divine to opening up to your fullest, Highest Potential with your path.

And that the Angels, Archangels, the many upon thousands and thousands of Beings, Angelic Beings, Presences available to you can support to open up the path, pave the way, support you in paving the way to move forward with grace.

Know that as you call and command on these beautiful Angelic Beings, they can open up the Path of Light before you, support all obstacles to be removed, lifted, dissolved;

and then for your own Angelic Wisdom, your Higher Guidance to pulsate, move through you so that you know, hear, see, understand with clarity, what it is you need to do to move forward in your life.

No obstacle is too big for Beloved God Goddess. No obstacle is too big for your Being, your Presence, your Holy Spirit energy, your Soul.

You have plenty of power and you can go within, gain access to your own Book of Divine Truth; the Book of Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth to receive what is the Highest Path of Wisdom, the Highest Path of Potential for me in my life here now.

And as you receive the guidance, the steps, you can put these in place on the material physical plane to create a greater fulfilment of your physical reality here;

to bring more joy, more love, more patience, more ease and more grace to you, your family, your loved ones and all that you care about.

Know that you are not alone, Beloved. That this is easy. Gaining access to this Angelic Wisdom, your Higher Guidance, a beautiful Divine Healing Portal that’s always available to you, is easy through sacred intention and prayer.

Calling for Divine Assistance now to gain access to this portal at any time to support you on your path.

This is a Divine Blessing from Holy Mother, the Angels, Archangels, Mother Gaia and all the Enlightened Ones here now serving, supporting you.

Blessed Be your Highest Path of Potential. Blessed Be your Highest Path of Potential. Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be your Highest Path of Potential. Blessed Be.”

– The Angels, Archangels and the Divine Presence of Azraella Raphael

Image, Transmissional Message & © by @AzraellaRaphael

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