Azraella Raphael
Spiritual Coach,
Psychic Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

Azraella Raphael

I am Azraella Raphael, Spiritual Coach with 25 years experience, offering Spiritual Guidance, both online and in person, for those that believe they have lost their way in life, within themselves or within their relationships.

I provide services such as one-on-one Coaching, Psychic Tarot Readings, Energy/Spiritual Healings, Tarot Courses and High Frequency events to help guide you back onto your path of fulfilment.

As a Multi-Dimensional Channel, Coach and Reader, I bring through the Angels & Archangels, The Ascended Masters, my Higher Self & Divine Presence in order to serve Humanity and the Earth with our coaching, reading and healing services, and have been working in this way for many years now.

Our online services are conducted via Zoom, (where a link is emailed to you to commence your session). In person sessions are offered in Sydney, Australia. All appointments and payments are made online through this website.

“We welcome you into our heart Beloved, to support your Being to be lifted beyond all that may seem troublesome for you now, as our aim as an Angelic Healer and Activator of the Light, is to guide all parts of your Soul that have felt burdened on any level to return to Oneness.

This is the time Beloved, to open the wings of your heart to allow the Angels to be your guide, to lift your concerns away from you, as they welcome you back into the planes on high, for your highest growth and potential.

We thank you for your sacred contribution to the Earth, even if you feel you have not done anything that is ‘special’. For you are indeed a very important puzzle piece within the collective of humanity, and as you allow us to guide you back to the Truth of your Heart, you will see and acknowledge this, become whole again and find purpose and direction within.

All our love to you, to all Beings and the Earth. We look forward to working with you, should your heart guide you in our direction.

Blessed Be.”

Azraella Raphael
Spiritual Coach, Healer & Reader