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Azraella Raphael

Welcome. We invite you to receive a Psychic Tarot Reading, Energy Healing, or to attend any of our High Frequency Events. Azraella Raphael has over 20 years experience. You can book online at any time. Browse our services and get to know us more.

Psychic Tarot Readings

Receive Divine Guidance and Spiritual Counsel for the Highest Divine Plan of your Life.


Healing Services

Embody Healing Frequency and Love Infusions to Resolve any Karmic Imbalances.



Upgrade your Energy Body and Consciousness with our Angelic Healing Activations.



  • I am incredibly happy and feel very blessed to have received such a powerful and liberating healing session. The space was well organized and the altar was beautiful. Azraella made an effort to explain how the session was going to work which made me feel comfortable and safe. At all times I felt supported and the liberation from old beliefs and experiences from the past was so powerful. I don’t have words to describe it. Even the accuracy of the information. Everything made sense and was transmitted in such a gentle and compassionate way, so I could process and understand. It was beautiful.

  • Azraella is amazing!!! I would recommend her to anyone interested in having a healing or tarot reading.

  • Azraella has such a profound healing energy. I have had regular readings with her over the past year and I always leave feeling empowered and rejuvenated. She helps you understand your creative power and how most situations that unfold in your future are based on how you live your current life. I feel like my life story unfolds every time she gives me a reading. Thank you for all your insight and guidance. You have inspired me to continue living my truth. I would also like to say that despite Azraella's focus on assessing your current life and helping you remove blockages that are hindering you from reaching your soul's purpose, she is also great at reading the likely outcomes of future events based on current energy patterns. For the whole year I was worried about my impermanent work position with my organization and eventually going into poverty once they let me go, but she always reassured me that my work would eventually want to secure a more permanent position for me. And guess what, I was offered a more permanent contract last week!! Thank you so much for imparting me not only with the 'common sense' rules of life, but for clarifying what my future career path had waiting for me.