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Azraella Raphael

Azraella Raphael
Spiritual Coach, Psychic Tarot Reader & Energy Healer

Welcome. We invite you to receive a Psychic Tarot Reading, Energy Healing or to attend one of our High Frequency Events if you:

* are at a crossroads in your life, relationship or career;

* are experiencing stress or anxiety;

* have reached burnout or simply feel lost.

Azraella Raphael has 25 years experience.
You can book online at any time. Browse our site and get to know us more.

Psychic Tarot Readings

Receive Divine Guidance and Spiritual Counsel for the Highest Divine Plan of your Life.


Healing Services

Embody Healing Frequency and Love Infusions to Resolve any Karmic Imbalances.



Upgrade your Energy Body and Consciousness with our Angelic Healing Activations.



  • I'm not sure if you remember me... I came and saw you about a month ago. Anyway, I wanted to sincerely thank you. Since our session I have felt incredible. I've been receiving healings for years and I can honestly say, this one has had the most positive and noticeable affect on me that I've ever had. I feel so at peace with everything. Thank you so much. If there is anything I can do for you in return, please let me know. You're amazing. Thanks again.

  • Your readings have brought forth such peace, such insight and such strength in my life. I appreciate the spiritual domain you make available and accessible in my life. I am aware that I am responsible for the creation of my future and I come to you as an ally of my highest possible self choices. Your readings have empowered me more than I can say. How can I express in words the difference you have made in my life except to say that you really have! Peace and love to you Azraella!

  • That Akashic Record Healing has helped because I was able to break a few karmic soul contracts with ease. It didn’t happen straight away, it took time. And the Angelic Healing has helped my intuition. People might not believe in it at first, but it’s a leap of faith people should take that pays off in time. Oh yeah, had to give my feedback because a part of me was cynical but I have been proven wrong with that side of thinking.