The Divine Truth of Tarot

The Divine Truth of Tarot with Azraella Raphael

The Divine Truth of Tarot – A Sacred Ki (Key) Lesson from the Tantric Masters of Creation & Azraella Raphael

Going beyond the physical is what is called for us now, going beyond what we see with our eyes and even with our mind, but going into our hearts and connecting with the hearts of the Angelic and Ancient Ones now, who are stepping forth to awaken your heart to The Divine Truth of Tarot.

The Divine Truth of Tarot is actually an inward journey, not an outward journey. Most people reading the tarot focus too much on the outer realms, or the physical projections of what the cards supposedly entail. Yet we say, if one opens to The Divine Truth of Tarot, there is nothing physical about it. It goes well beyond the physical, into the so called ‘invisible realms’ where the Ancient Ones, the Angelic Ones, the Christic Ones and beyond reside.

It is when one chooses to connect to these realms that The Divine Truth of the Tarot can be truly revealed. In other words, purely looking at cards and possibly even incorporating what you may receive in the form of guidance from another Spirit or Guide is simply a smaller dimension to where the true truth of tarot resides.

It is when one activates oneself consciously to awaken to the realms where the Divine Truth of Tarot resides is where all the answers to your questions reside.

If we start with a simple subject, such as love, as many many beings would love to find love. Love is actually a very deep healing and cleansing exercise should one allow oneself to embrace the full journey of the tarot, for the tarot does reveal instantaneously an insight into where the heart denies the love from entering in the first place.

Perhaps it is through lack of self love or appreciation of oneself? Perhaps it is the regret or remorse of a past lover that has hurt you so, to slow or close you down to love? Perhaps it has been denied to you in another life time so you are still closed to it today, unaware that this programming or the closing down of a dimension of your heart has even been affected?

When one opens more to the possibilities of why ones Tantric Heart is not fully awakened, and allows the Tantric Masters of Creation to support your Tantric Heart to awaken, one can let go of all the fears pertaining to love within their being.

As an excellent guide and sacred tool, the Divine Truth of Tarot can unlock these parts of your consciousness that have denied this love, for if one is working within the multi-dimensional realms of love within the gateways of the tarot system, one can find the answers.

This is where the Tarot can help you, to unlock these Sacred Ki’s (keys), to have them activate within you so that your love life and your Tantric Heart path actually awakens fully here this lifetime, rather than just a little bit, or perhaps not even at all.

If one opens to the Divine Truth of Tarot, it frees you of all that binds you from your old consciousness and allows your higher consciousness to automatically download or activate within you, guiding you to a higher path or divine plan for your life.

This is one of the most mis-understood things about the tarot, that it is simply for ‘seeing the future’ and hoping the best will just come about naturally, where very little effort is made by you to create the better quality of life you seek.

Here is the tip for thee, that if you call for the Tantric Heart Matrix of your soul to awaken, and you invite the Tantric Heart Masters of Creation to work with you, you will find that your ‘book of life’ – your own life map, will reveal itself before you. There is no trick to this, this is not only revealed to a small few beings on earth but to all beings, all beings that are ready to receive it. Are you calling for your Tantric Heart Matrix to be opened even now?

Have you decided yet that you would like your life map revealed before you in a way that serves you, so that you may move forward with grace and ease to create this on your path? Have you even considered stopping for long enough so your Tantric Heart Matrix can breathe to receive the enlightened self and guardian of your soul, to bring this information to you? For we have noticed in many that they choose not to do this. They choose to feel sorry for themselves and limit their potential here on earth.

If one were to receive a higher version of self, view their higher path and open their heart matrix to this new truth, there would be no obstacles to your unique path at all. For this is the truth of the Divine Truth of Tarot, eliminating all blocks so that both your heart and mind see the truth, not the veil of illusion you may find yourself clinging to, with the hope that you wish to do less so that you can receive more. This comes from a soul that is starving and hopes for a ‘feed’ real quick, a fast food approach to life.

Yet how long could one sustain thyself on ‘fast food’? Of course, not that long at all. Keeping ourselves on the limited food chain keeps us closed within our own lives. If you feel bound, trapped, limited in your views about self or life and can not seem to get ahead, think about this. Are you also wanting the fast food approach to life? For we can feed you very little food if that is what you are really asking for, yet it will not sustain you and you will find you want more and more and more. Hence forth the rickety flow between your desires and unfulfilled dreams with Spirit.

To really sustain oneself, again, open up to the Tantric Heart Masters of Creation, and accept the Book of Life, The Divine Truth of Tarot – actually accept it into your heart and DNA here now; actually really accept it!! Choose now with the power of your Soul and Divine Presence to receive the Book of Life, for some of you may be scared of this. Scared of the change it will ask you to make, scared that if Source asks you to set yourself free of certain things, events or even people, as your soul may feel it is starving and needing fed from something external rather than internal. Is this where you feel you are at now Beloved? Starving internally, seeking external fulfillment?

This is a cycle that will never end if one keeps choosing the external to feed the internal. How does one open the internal to feed self? Through releasing the external, letting go, taking a break for a while, surrendering your will to divine will, and allowing God/dess to work with thee.

Again, this is the Divine Truth of Tarot and many other healing systems on earth that have been received by humanity to support them through their initiations in life. Let go of the illusions now Beloved, the illusions that you cling to like security blankets, for they are illusions that keep you small, keep you starving and keep you untrue to yourself.

We share that this has been the Divine Truth of Tarot lesson for today, That the Book of Life is encoded in all of your DNA and it is up to you to activate it. To set it free and illuminate it so it dissolves the illusions of your old unresolved consciousness and sets you free. May this be a graceful love filled journey for you, to love self, to love life and to accept the Divine Truth of Tarot into your Soul.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be.
The Tantric Heart Masters of Creation
& Azraella Raphael – Keeper of Angelic Geometries ®

© 2012 Azraella Raphael.

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