The Tantric Kiss

The Tantric Kiss - Azraella Raphael

The Tantric Kiss

Sacred Heart Union with another begins with the first kiss, touch and taste of another being.

This tantric heart union begins with this kiss, as the kiss ignites the breath of the tantric heart matrix deep inside each of thee. When the sacred kiss begins, it calls to the heart to expand, ignite and deliver the tantric heart activations and infusions through the body, and ignite the soul and cells in preparation for this union with another.

That the body hears the call from the heart and then the sacral, as the flames within the heart, sacral and base ignite. As these flames ignite and begin to merge as one, the physical exploration of each others bodies and consciousness may begin. Then the cells, the touch, the hearing and feeling senses explore the tantric matrix within each other, for it is the field and the spirit, the monad of the group consciousness that is called in at this time to ignite the tantric heart pathways even more deeply to activate the ‘fire of potential’ inside each of thee.

This fire of potential is the fire of creation and the sacred access to embodying orgasmic ecstasy through the loins, organs and cells. As the creation fire is charged it travels up the spine and into the brow and brain and through and out of the crown to then activate and ground God/dess Consciousness.

This is how one’s Divine Presence (God/dess Self) can fully merge with thee and have two ‘Masters’ in union creating ecstasy, birthing and igniting creations and heart dreams that serve themselves, Mother Earth, Humanity, and All Beings.

As the Universe hears the sacred heart union call from deep within your beings, God/dess then gifts the utmost ecstasy and divine gifts and dispensations through the body, organs and throughout one’s entire life through your tantric heart matrix. One’s life is deeply blessed, cleansed and activated after a deep powerful activation ceremony within each others beings.

This is the art of Tantric Heart Union with another.

Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be the Earth and All Beings.
Azraella Raphael and the Keepers of Angelic Geometries®.

In deep emergence with Mother Earth, The Ancestral, Celestial, & Illumined Ones (the Family of Light), we are co-creating beautiful healing and wisdom teaching tools to support humanity on their Tarot & Tantra (Divine Union) life path. As these tools are used in their highest form, many potentials in one's life can manifest gracefully and easily with joy.

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