The Tantric Breath

The Tantric Breath - Azraella Raphael

The Tantric Breath

Awakening the Tantric Breath of Creation

As one breathes, in and out each day, with each breath, one has a choice on receiving what ‘type’ of one’s breath that you choose to receive. For instance, when you breath in, do you breath in with the feelings of love and bliss moving through your body and consciousness, or through the breath of panic, fear or anxiety?

A sacred breath that has been chilled, condensed and almost solidified through anxiety or fear, causes the body to lock up all it’s filaments, strands of DNA, de-activate certain encodements held within thee, and therefore deeply limit your potential and growth. It also diminishes the growth of your spiritual and psychic practices and gifts.

Great Yogi’s that have walked the earth knew this in truth. That if they spent sacred time mastering the breath, drawing in the love from the universal (unified) field, sipping the sacred elixirs of the universe from that field, and then breathed and spoke through this love, that all obstacles on their path would be sacredly removed with grace and ease.

It is not a test to see who can breathe the fullest, the ‘loudest’ or even the most powerfully, but to place the breathing process in the hands of God/dess, like one is sipping the most sacred elixir and allowing that medicinal infusion from the unified field to love you, deeply love you, and your body and cells, until ecstasy is simply a natural state of being.

One can master this simply through gentle practice of spending a few minutes a day, consciously breathing life into one’s self, and sending/directing that love with gentle mindfulness through every organ, cell and beyond.

The Tantric Heart Breath of Creation supports your manifestations to grow, flourish and breathe life-force into your heart dreams so that all births gracefully and easily in one’s life.

This tantric heart breath starts with simple awareness, that one is breathing in, and then one is breathing out.  With eyes closed as one practices this, it deepens the awareness from the inside out and surrender on a bodily and spiritual fashion occurs.

Start with the breath moving smoothly inward, then very gently out like you are releasing a flower delicately into the wind to be cleared away; or with the intention that you are releasing a memory that no longer serves you into God/desses hands. As one releases with the breath in this way, your essence is able to say goodbye to so many things peacefully, with the serene support of the universe, holding and loving you via the unified field.

As one practices this gentle in breath to infuse the love, and the gentle out breath to release the old awareness that no longer serves, health, healing and restoration truly begins. For this is the divine truth of the tantric breath, to restore, re-balance, align and then once purified deeply enough, activation can occur once again of one’s gifts and talents.

If one is seeking tantric activation, start with the breath. Call to the Tantric Heart Masters of Creation to support thee, create and receive ‘love’ via the unified field (the field that connects everything within the universe and where God/dess resides, awaiting to bless thee).

Once surrender occurs deeply enough inside of thee, tantric heart awakenings can fully occur with deep clarity and guidance for one’s path daily.

To clear your life path and bring fulfillment to oneself, breathe the breath of love through your body, through your loins, through your energy and spiritual fields, through your heart, and watch how tantric heart mastery births.

May this be our prayer for All Beings. Blessed Be.

Tantric Heart Masters of Creation and Azraella Raphael
© 2013 Azraella Raphael.

In deep emergence with Mother Earth, The Ancestral, Celestial, & Illumined Ones (the Family of Light), we are co-creating beautiful healing and wisdom teaching tools to support humanity on their Tarot & Tantra (Divine Union) life path. As these tools are used in their highest form, many potentials in one's life can manifest gracefully and easily with joy.

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  1. Angel says:

    It has been great for me to read such great information. Nicely explained.

    • Thank you so much for your kind feedback Angel. May the Tantric Heart Breath of Creation awaken and activate itself through you, like God’s Breath of Life, in all that is the highest for you. Blessed Be. xx Azraella Raphael

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