Tantra – Divine Union Relationship

Tantra, Divine Union with Azraella Raphael

Lovers of the Tantric Heart

Awakening our hearts, bodies and minds to attract abundance and love into our lives through Tantric Union

The sacred key to opening thy tantric heart and awaken it to merge with another is to allow every level of control from your heart, mind, soul and spirit to release from your cells and your whole being.

The mind can be masterful when under the influence of love, and the petals of the tantric heart can truly awaken when the tantric heart matrix is activated by the spark of love from deep within the heart.

When tantric heart union with another begins, the love flame inside our heart is needing to raise deeply in vibration. It is yearning to expand, connect, awaken and transmit enormous amounts of love in all directions through and around you and your partner, so that tantric love can ignite deep within your base and sacral and rise into the body profoundly.

The tantric heart lovers connection is one requiring patience, for many beings wish to almost rush the process, to feel a certain level of ‘expected’ ecstasy. Yet when the process is rushed, you do not absorb all of the tantric frequency that is available within all of your cells, mind, body, soul and spirit.

In other words, there is way more to tantra that meets the eye. The tantric heart lovers experience is to lovingly guide each other through the process of connection through heart ignition, sound ignition (sounds of fulfilment releasing from inside of thee) and therefore body ignition and connection with each other.

The tantric heart lovers experience of grounding through the physical act of love is one of natural bliss, if one keeps to the rhythm of the heart, mind, sacral and beyond in union. It is the rhythm, the pulsations rippling through the body, causing ecstasy and delight that ignites the bodies to merge more, and therefore the soul and spirit to unite and fire up or create the highest level of ecstasy, creation and union for you and your loved one.

Most beings here on earth unfortunately do not place any focus upon the rippling effect of love and creation flooding through the body and spirit throughout the love making experience.

If one is serious about the love creation activating through out their body and being, the tantric heart matrix must be fully ignited, the base and sacral must be merged and grounded, and thy soul and spirit must be aligned to the heart dreaming and focus of creation.

If one’s creation focus is to simply experience a deeper love and creation experience with their lover then this is in divine order. Yet if one is also wishing to expand ones consciousness, ignite their hearts flames with their Divine Presences and create a ‘miracle’ creation together, then thy love making experience becomes most divine indeed.

Have you thought about this for yourself, the awakening of your desire and tantric heart matrix’s so that your creations in life are masterful, abundant and illuminated?

You are in the image of god/dess and everything is available to you through tantric heart union with another, or any being of your choosing, should this be an awakened aligned connection.

It is up to your heart, soul and spirit to guide you with your divine presence as to the highest connection it is for you to make with someone, if it is aligned with your heart dreaming to experience union with this being. For if you are aligning with someone that is not aligned to the same dream or heart creation as you, this could sabotage, block or simply lock the manifestation coming through at all if it is not the highest to channel it through each other in this particular union.

So if you are desiring to connect with another being deeply, create love, abundance and manifestations of all forms in your life, always choose the highest divine union being to merge with you to support the heart dreaming. For this is the most potent and clearest way to deliver and ground your mastery.

Sacred Union with another goes into way more detail than this we say, yet we share this information with you so that your consciousness may align to the tantric heart union with another that is the highest for you to experience this with. For maybe this is not the current partner you are with at present, perhaps there is a higher being coming into your life to support you with your heart dreamings?

If one’s consciousness chooses to align to always what is the highest, thy manifestations and creations will always be abundant, prosperous and beautiful.

This is our sacred prayer for each one of thee.

The Keepers of Angelic Geometries ©
and Azraella Raphael

In deep emergence with Mother Earth, The Ancestral, Celestial, & Illumined Ones (the Family of Light), we are co-creating beautiful healing and wisdom teaching tools to support humanity on their Tarot & Tantra (Divine Union) life path. As these tools are used in their highest form, many potentials in one's life can manifest gracefully and easily with joy.

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