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Energy Medicine
THE DIVINE TRUTH OF tarot & tantra
COURSE With Azraella Raphael & the Family of Light

4 Day Course held over 2 Weekends - SYDNEY
JUNE 16/17 & 23/24, 2012
- 10am-5pm daily

(NOTE: Mexico City, Mexico - dates t.b.a. soon!)

"I have been meaning to write all week and say thank you. It was a terrific course and the bonus of the recordings is amazing. Love your work."

"It's fascinating! You're a great teacher, you make it seem so simple. I'm so pleased I registered!"

"Thanks for your course and your special Azraella way of presenting, you have the most unique way to teach. I learnt a lot."

Tarot Mayan PyramidDiscover the path of Divine Union Relationships whilst you study the Tarot and become a Tarot Reader.

This Tarot Course teaches you not only about the wisdom and science (meaning) of each Tarot card, but also about the path of Divine Union – Feminine & Masculine Balance. This is really what each soul seeks in life; a better relationship with self, with a partner or with life in general.

Within this Tarot Course, we will teach about the path of Divine Union through understanding which cards fall within either the Feminine or Masculine energies. This helps guide the reader, either for themselves or for a client, on whether they have too much of either energy causing chaos or blocks in their life.

Participants will also be taught a core understanding of the Energy Body and Chakra’s, what these are, how these hold and support your physical body & life, and how to care for these so you do not get energetically or psychically drained during your Tarot readings. an understanding of the art of working with The Family of Light (Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters etc) so God/dess (Great Spirit, Universe...) always works with you within your Tarot readings and study.

No prior knowledge of the Tarot, Energy Body Mechanics, The Family of Light or Divine Union (Feminine & Masculine Energies) are necessary to register for this course.

Tarot_Sphinx_PyramidThe Healing and Activation of Your Psychic Abilities:
Although it is not necessary to have your Psychic gifts awakened to conduct a Tarot reading (you can give a perfectly accurate reading through the science/imagery of the cards alone), it does make your Tarot reading experience easier if you open yourself to connect with The Family of Light – your own Spiritual team of Beings that support you every day of your life, and especially so when you use your free will to call to them for help.

Connecting with them as a Divine Channel opens you up to far more wisdom and information for your readings that the Tarot cards purely on their own can’t always reveal. As all the cards have multiple meanings, The Family of Light can guide you instantly on specifically which meaning is relevant for yourself or your client within a reading.

The way this course is taught is with the full support of the Family of Light. These Light Beings have guided and supported me for years with the development of The Divine Truth of Tarot and constantly provide me new teachings on the Tarot every day – after all, the Tarot is the Book (science) of Life.

Other Benefits of Attending:
All that is taught, and the psychic healings that are received will be recorded for you to download and listen to over again (so no massive note taking required). These audios will prove invaluable for your future self-care maintenance & tarot reading mastery.

Tarot_Azraella_Mayan_Pyramid_DayCourse Outline/Training:
The Divine Truth within the Tarot. Understanding both ‘upright’ and ‘reversed’ card meanings from The Family of Light and Azraella Raphael that many people may be unaware even exist within the science of the Tarot system. (Please bring your own Rider Waite Tarot pack (standard deck) with you to the course.

A Standard Card Layout, for reading for yourself or your clients.

Energy Body Mechanics. Details and imagery on your Energy Body and Multi-Dimensional Heart Chakra. How vital these are to understand, look after and clear regularly so that one remains a clear open Divine Channel at all times.

Tarot Reading Protocols. The basic practicals you need for setting up Practice as a Tarot Reader. Discover Master Crystal use for support in anchoring a sacred reading and healing space, so that any unresolved energy from yourself or your client just naturally clears away.

This course is healing, experiential and for some may be life changing. This is not your typical tarot course with copious amounts of note taking. Through the recorded materials of our time together over the four days, you will be able to enjoy this course many times over at home. The fee for course attendance is $395. (Tarot Pack extra, please bring own).

Registration is easy! You can do this by visiting my ‘Store’ page. There you will find a brief description about the workshop, along with registration policy information. Simply ‘click’ to submit your details and pay online with either Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit card through the safe payment gateway of PayPal. Of course, you may also pay in person with Cash or by Money Order (made out to Azraella Raphael) at 'Beyond The Ordinary' in Balmain to myself or our friendly staff. A receipt will be issued at time of payment/registration.

Beyond The Ordinary:Tea House & Healing Centre
Upstairs, 314 Darling Street, Balmain NSW 2041

Saturday/Sunday (2 consecutive weekends)
June 16/17 & 23/24, 2012
10.00am – 5.00pm, daily

For further information you can contact me, register for our Newsletter, download the Brochure or call 0424 044 130 if you have any further enquiries.

Wish to receive a reading with Azraella? Readings are offered in person, over the Telephone or via Skype.


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