The Divine Truth of the Tarot Reader

Rider Waite Tarot © 1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
The Divine Truth of the Tarot Reader The point and power of developing your multi-dimensional nature and your esoteric soul, is to activate the channel self inside of you so that the book of tarot, (the book of life) speaks for itself through you as the reader, or even through you as the ‘client’. Not all things that can be shared by th
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The Tantric Breath

The Tantric Breath - Azraella Raphael
The Tantric Breath Awakening the Tantric Breath of Creation As one breathes, in and out each day, with each breath, one has a choice on receiving what ‘type’ of one’s breath that you choose to receive. For instance, when you breath in, do you breath in with the feelings of love and bliss moving through your body and consciousness,
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The Tantric Kiss

The Tantric Kiss - Azraella Raphael
The Tantric Kiss Sacred Heart Union with another begins with the first kiss, touch and taste of another being. This tantric heart union begins with this kiss, as the kiss ignites the breath of the tantric heart matrix deep inside each of thee. When the sacred kiss begins, it calls to the heart to expand, ignite and deliver the tantric heart activat
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Tantra – Divine Union Relationship

Tantra, Divine Union with Azraella Raphael
Lovers of the Tantric Heart Awakening our hearts, bodies and minds to attract abundance and love into our lives through Tantric Union The sacred key to opening thy tantric heart and awaken it to merge with another is to allow every level of control from your heart, mind, soul and spirit to release from your cells and your whole being. The mind can
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The Divine Truth of Tarot

The Divine Truth of Tarot with Azraella Raphael
The Divine Truth of Tarot – A Sacred Ki (Key) Lesson from the Tantric Masters of Creation & Azraella Raphael Going beyond the physical is what is called for us now, going beyond what we see with our eyes and even with our mind, but going into our hearts and connecting with the hearts of the Angelic and Ancient Ones now, who are stepping f
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